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Boomers & Seniors Blog Carnival 3

It’s that time again. The Boomers & Seniors Blog Carnival has a new crop of great articles and you can find their links at Seniors Support – http://seniors-support.com/2009/02/10/boomers-and-seniors-blog-carnival-feb-10-edition/ . You’ll find a wide variety of articles to help you as you navigate all the different aspects of the Sandwich Generation life. Once there, you can […]

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Medication Organization

As Sandwich Generation caregivers we are often required to dispense medications. Whether it’s to sick grandkids, elderly relatives, special needs patients of any age, or a combination of these patients, it can be a bit confusing at times, remembering who gets what when. I’ve found a few little memory tricks and tips to help me […]

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Build Your Family Tree This Holiday Season

Thanksgiving and Christmas and the days in between are often full of family get-togethers, reunions, and holiday parties. They are fun occasions full of laughter, joy, and sometimes even a bit of stress.  Our extended-family reunion was always a highlight of the year for me, until we moved too far away to attend. Now I […]

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Caregivers News Alert – Social Security Increase

Exciting news from Social Security – Social Security Announces 5.8 Percent Benefit Increase for 2009  (News Release) Monthly Social Security and Supplemental Security Income benefits for more than 55 million Americans will increase 5.8 percent in 2009, the Social Security Administration announced today.  The 5.8 percent increase is the largest since 1982. Social Security and […]

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Let’s Stamp This Thoughtful for Your Elderly Relative

“Oh Honey, don’t buy me anything. I don’t have anyplace to put it,” said my grandma whenever I asked how I could help her. I knew her budget was tight and wanted to help, but I could never get her to tell me anything she could really use. I finally came up with a cute […]

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Dental Relief for Caregivers and Their Families

I have a sad confession. When it comes to going to the dentist I am, well, not terrified, but definitely not a happy camper! It probably stems from too many cavities at my first dental appointment. Or perhaps I was traumatized by those years in braces. Probably the fact that my mouth is a bit […]

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