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Does the Holiday Season Lead to More Trips to ER for Seniors?

If you only see an aging relative once a year, it can be a shock to see how their health may have deteriorated considerably since the last visit. It’s vital…

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Sandwich Generation Moving and Reading

3 interesting blog carnivals with plenty of useful info for Sandwich Generation Senior Home Caregivers, members of the Baby Boomer Generation, and more!

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Pain Reliever Beloved By Many Senior Parents

Having grown up with parents who used Ben Gay, my senior mom’s favorite method includes SalonPas. These provide warm heat directly to a bothersome area but…

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Helping A Senior Parent Deal With The Death of a Spouse

As senior home care givers we may have to help one parent deal with the death of their beloved spouse. A few things that have helped me included…

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Electric Solution for Senior Parents

A tip to help all of us Sandwich Generation senior home care givers who have to be away from aging parents when a breaker pops or the power goes out!

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Scripture Praying for Caregivers

As a Sandwich Generation senior home care giver and grandparent, prayer is vital. For those times when you are struggling, Scripture prayers can be a big help!

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Twitter Tuesday for the Sandwich Generation: Autism, Facebook, Cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease…

Sandwich Generation resources including info for grandchildren with autism, Facebook and the Baby Boomer Generation, Cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease research…

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Checking the Dates of Our Senior Parents’ Medications

Help aging parents safely dispose of outdated medications by reminding them to do that, along with changing all security alarm batteries at each time change.

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This plush swine flu will be a fun way to teach our grandkids good health habits via Kaye Swain sandwich generation caregiver and grandmother

Swine Flu News Updates for the Sandwich Generation

From Swine Flu updates & lists of complications to educational videos about Swine Flu for grandkids & aging parents, SandwichINK has great resources for you!

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