Sandwich Generation is hard to work hard to maintain positive relationships

Tender Loving Caregiving For Your Marriage

Sitting in a restaurant today, working on my laptop, I overhead a couple bickering at the adjoining table. It was pretty obvious they were both in bad moods and spent the whole 30 minutes they were there snapping at each other. She was trying to talk him into something he didn’t like. She started out […]

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Sheets – Read All About Them

Amazon. In case you haven’t guessed, it’s one of my favorite places to purchase books. The prices are great I almost always get books for 30% or more off the normal price.The service is excellent. I’ve only seen them make two mistakes in all the years I’ve bought from them. And I buy a lot […]

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Medicare Cares for Caregivers

Medicare just launched a new page on their site specifically for caregivers. There you can find help with billing, guides on how to navigate Medicare, information and options regarding care facilities, caregiver support information, first person stories about caregivers, and more. In the bottom left corner you will find a comprehensive guide for caregivers about […]

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Stumbling for Caregivers: Looking Professional on Too Little Sleep

Ways for Baby Boomer Generation caregivers (Sandwich Generation) to look their best even if they’ve been up all night with a sick grandkid or aging parent.

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Travel Tips for Caregivers

Baby Boomer Generation caregivers have special needs when flying with aging parents and/or grandkids. Here’s some tips to help.

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Eldercare, Doctors, and You

Schedules are crammed for the Sandwich Generation but it’s vital for caregivers to go to doctor, and other appointments with our aging parents.

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Site Seeing

I subscribe to a lot of email newsletters covering a myriad of topics. Periodically, I plan to do articles with brief Synopses (Site Seeing, if you will) of some of them to pass on snippets of useful information along with their links so you can read the whole shebang if you are interested.   ***** […]

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Disaster Preparation

I’ve lived in earthquake country. I’ve lived in hurricane country. I’ve even visited in tornado country. I’ve learned that there are wonderful little booklets with all sorts of valuable information for each of these types of disasters. Problem is, I always seem to bring them home from the store, get interrupted, and promptly misplace them. […]

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WARNING FOR CAREGIVERS: Not all Breast Cancers Are the Same

Caregivers need to know that inflammatory breast cancer, often misdiagnosed as mastitis, is the most aggressive form of breast cancer. Early detection is vital.

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