Caregivers: One Secret of Praying for Others

As members of the Baby Boomer generation, we wear many hats – caregivers, grandparents, & more. Prayer is vital. Here’s one vital secret to praying for others!

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Flying Practice for Baby Boomer Generation & Senior Citizens

Many Senior Citizens and Baby Boomers are flying alone for the first time ever. Taking a short flight for fun can ease caregiver stress and prep you for longer trips.

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Senior Citizen Care Is In The News!

Caregivers need to be proactive about taking steps to avoid burnout. It’s vital for us to build a network of people who can help us in our elder care-giving.

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Blue walker with food bowl for pets used by old people with animals at home

Rollator Accessory Bags and Banners to Perk Up Your Aging Parent

WalkerWonder has a stylish, practical product for your elderly parent’s walker or rollator walker, giving it a sense of personality.

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Senior couple walking in park

Wheelchair Ramps for Doorways!

When my elderly father had to give up his independence, and even his rollator, for a wheelchair, we were thrilled to discover wheelchair ramps for doorways!

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Caregivers’ Devotionals: The Deity of Christ

Happy Sunday! For those of you who aren’t able to get to church today, because of caregiving duties or because of illness (that’s me, too, this week 🙂 ), or for you to share with an aging parent who is housebound, I wanted to share some intriguing verses that were linked together in a podcast […]

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Tech Talk for the Sandwich Generation: Gmail Warning!

Well, it’s time for another round of tech tip reminders for all us Sandwich Generation caregivers who really don’t have time to deal with bugs, worms, viruses, etc. Unfortunately, that’s what the nefarious authors of such things count on. So here is SandwichINK to the rescue, thanks to one of my favorite White Knights of […]

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Tax Talk for Those Who are Elderly Care Givers

Reuters had an interesting, albeit sad, article on the tax woes many, including senior citizens, are finding themselves in right now, due to the economic recession we are in. Some of the primary points in the article include: There are many who are self-employed who are not paying quarterly estimated taxes due to less income […]

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Power Of Attorney Follow-up for Wise Eldercare

Providing wise care for your aging parents when using a Power of Attorney was discussed in yesterday’s post . Today, I want to follow that up with some additional information that is especially relevant in today’s economy. With all the changes in the marketplace, including banks buying out other banks, merging, and sometimes even closing, […]

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Frugal and Fashionable Safety Wear for the Elderly

Walking is excellent exercise for our elderly parents. If they are in reasonably good health, they can enjoy the fresh air and exercise whenever they want. When you can keep them company that’s great. Even when you can’t, it can still be a pleasure for them. However, occasionally an older person can become disoriented, turned […]

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