Snowmen are snow much fun for grandkids and grandparents - coloring page

Welcome to the Caregiving Holiday Progressive Blog Party 2013 at SandwichINK

Join the 2013 Caregiving.com Holiday Progressive Blog Party – meet caregivers everywhere including SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation

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Kindness and Truth are vital for the Sandwich Generation issues.jpg

Keeping Our Eyes Fixed On God Enables Us To Keep On Going in the Midst of Trials During the Holidays

Happy Holidays aren’t always happy-especially when elderly parents are having health issues…

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Boxes boxes boxes - reflecting the Sandwich Generation move

A Moving Box of Encouragement

Moving is exhausting. That’s even more true for those of us in the Sandwich Generation. I’m grateful for the encouraging Bible verses that keep me going…

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Potpourri of Resources and Information for Caregivers

A Pink Potpourri of caregiving tips for Pink Saturday – eldercare fun and resources.

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When a member of our family - in OR out of the Sandwich Generation - is sad - we are all sad - Praise GOD for His sweet comfort

Uplifting Praise Music for Lent For the Sandwich Generation

When does church not mean church? When it means sitting outside church praying for your family – in AND out of the Sandwich Generation.

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Medications can sometimes cause as many problems as they solve for the Sandwich Generation

Things to Investigate When Solving Our Aging Parents’ Medical Mysteries

Is an aging relative having unusual health issues? Be sure to discuss their medications with their doctor to ensure those aren’t the cause.

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Our Sandwich Generation family loves the Carex Explorer Folding Lightweight Travel Walker for elderly seniors

Easy Solution to A Silly Problem for The Sandwich Generation

Caring for elderly parents & love the Carex lightweight walker for seniors? Can’t figure out how to close it? Here’s the simple solution.

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The Sandwich Generation baby boomer has been busy juggling caring for the elderly parents and relatives in the hospital while babysitting grandchildren

Juggling the Sandwich Generation Hospitalization Issues This Week

Juggling hospital stays for elderly senior citizens with babysitting grandchildren is one of the many Sandwich Generation issues.

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Comfort For Caregivers – Jesus is the Key!

As caregivers, we all experience difficult days. Here is a lovely poem to remind us that Jesus is our key to Heaven, where there is no more sorrow.

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Tuesday Twitter Links for Sandwich Generation Caregivers and Grandparents 6-23-09

Resource-full links and tips for grandparents, caregivers, and others of the Baby Boomer Generation, known as the Sandwich Generation.

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