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Parkinsons Disease Voice Loss Diabetes and Sugar issues at SandwichINK

Parkinson Disease Voice Loss And Other Issues

Sandwich Generation news includes info about Parkinson’s Disease voice loss along with the impact of sugar on those developing or dealing with Parkinsons.

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Online Encouragement For Caregivers and Their Families

Caregiving for those with chronic illnesses can be especially difficult. Most of us can handle helping for a short term. But chronic means long-term, on-going. It can mean months, years, or even decades of helping a loved one with health issues that can get worse, and rarely get better.  When I helped my mom and […]

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Power Of Attorney Follow-up for Wise Eldercare

Providing wise care for your aging parents when using a Power of Attorney was discussed in yesterday’s post . Today, I want to follow that up with some additional information that is especially relevant in today’s economy. With all the changes in the marketplace, including banks buying out other banks, merging, and sometimes even closing, […]

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A Power Of Attorney Is a Vital Part of Eldercare

Power of Attorney. Doesn’t that sound powerful? You watch TV, someone produces one of those, and they have total power with no problems. Now try that in the real world. You’ll probably find it’s not quite that easy. Don’t get me wrong. It’s vital to have one. I highly recommend asking an attorney for the […]

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