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My senior mom has been enjoying many gardening activities like the Sunflower House project - butterfly plant bush - and the Mr Lincoln red rose - one of the most fragrant roses around

Happy Senior Citizens Day! Fun Senior Gardening, Sunflower House, and Bird Feeding Update for the Sandwich Generation

A Happy Senior Citizens Day to Boomers and Seniors – in AND out of the Sandwich Generation – along with a fun senior gardening activities update!

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My senior mom and grandkids are enjoying their gardening activities including taking care of the Mr Lincoln rose - one of the most fragrant roses for sure

Boomer and Senior Weather and Gardening Activities Update From Our Sandwich Generation Family

Our Sandwich Generation is enjoying the spring weather that goes from balmy Hawaiian-style (complete with thoughts of muumuus) to storms (grab the jeans!) and having fun with boomer & senior gardening activities up the ying yang!

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Both were fun but for our Sandwich Generation family, the bubble shooter guns with the bottles won the day

Which Bubble Shooter Guns Did The Grandkids Prefer?

Have you & your grandkids ever wondered which was better-bubble shooter guns with the solution attached or the one you dip? My grandchildren prefer…

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My easy to use digital camera has caught my senior mom in the gardening activities of protecting her plants from hungry squirrels

Our Sandwich Generation Family Staying Healthy In Spite of Wild Weather

Wacky weather but our Sandwich Generation family knows how vital it is to keep busy & my senior moms gardening activities with the grandkids is a great way!

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The Mueller ice bags are one of the favorite tools of this Sandwich Generation granny nanny

Handy Tips and Tools for Sandwich Generation Caregivers: A Cold Compress For Each Need

Some tips and cold compress tools for the Sandwich Generation from Mueller Ice Bags to hot and cold gel ice packs. Great for seniors thru grandkids.

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Greetings to the Ultimate Blog Party AND Happy Pink Saturday from Kaye Swain and SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation

Blog Hopping Fun for the Sandwich Generation on A Pink Saturday at the Ultimate Blog Party

More Ultimate Blog Party 2012 fun for the Sandwich Generation combined with Pink Saturday delights-a lovely way of caring for the caregiver

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Happy holidays blog party clipart is fun for the Sandwich Generation and her blog SandwichINK on non-holidays like the Ultimate Blog Party 2012

SandwichINK For the Sandwich Generation Says WELCOME to the Ultimate Blog Party 2012

SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation is joining in the fun of the Ultimate Blog Party 2012-a fun way of “caring for the caregiver.” Join us 🙂

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The Sandwich Generation granny nanny finds taking time to enjoy the flowers and capture them with a digital camera is a fun and easy way of caring for the caregiver

Cheery Red Tulips To Put a Smile on the Face of the Busy Sandwich Generation

KUDOS to grandparents raising grandchildren, fun ideas for taking care of the caregiver, and sweet RED smiles for the Sandwich Generation!

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Grandson feeding birds while grandma shoots the photo with my easy to use digital camera

Multigenerational Bird Fun for The Sandwich Generation Family

My senior mom & her great grandkids love her gardening AND the lovely birds it draws, including the brightly colored Northern Cardinal birds…

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Lovely pink flower buds for the Sandwich Generation with the help of my sweet grandson

Spring Has Sprung for the Multigenerational Sandwich Generation! It’s Time for Fun Grandkid and Senior Activities To Stay Healthy!

My Sandwich Generation family is loving the warm temperatures along with fun and physical grandkid and senior citizen activities like walking.

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