easy sugar cookies

My grandkids have so much fun decorating these easy sugar cookies - and EATING them

Christmas Cookies in July For Grandma and Grandkids. How About You?

Grandkids fun with easy Christmas sugar cookies…in JULY! Babysitting grandchildren this summer? Bet they’ll enjoy this fun idea as much as you!

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Happy Pink Saturday from This Sandwich Generation grandmother and her senior mom who is missing gardening but loving the snow - mostly

Easy Arts and Crafts and Activities for Senior Citizens and Their Grand kids On Christmas Eve and Beyond

Babysitting grandchildren and looking for fun and easy crafts for the kids that are easy for us seniors as well? Here’s some great resources!

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Picnic table activities for grandparents and their grandchildren are a lot of fun in the summer

Where The Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny Blogger Creates 2011

A fun NON-holiday party blog full of creative ideas for the Sandwich Generation to enjoy & be inspired by. Come see intriguing & creative blogging workspaces.

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