No Nonsense Guide to Caring for the Seriously Ill

Research is something I love and do well at. I inherited that love for learning from my mom and have passed it on to all my daughters. Now it comes back as a blessing to me even more, when they discover something useful to share with me, just as my mom and I have done […]

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Frugal and Fashionable Safety Wear for the Elderly

Walking is excellent exercise for our elderly parents. If they are in reasonably good health, they can enjoy the fresh air and exercise whenever they want. When you can keep them company that’s great. Even when you can’t, it can still be a pleasure for them. However, occasionally an older person can become disoriented, turned […]

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Links for Caregivers

Got some great links for caregivers. Have fun doing some web-surfing with purpose. The Arthritis Foundation has ten excellent ways to protect your joints which is especially important for caregivers or their elderly relatives who have arthritis – http://www.arthritis.org/protect-your-joints.php  Yummy – the Diabetic Gourmet Magazine has some tasty looking recipes along with valuable information for […]

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Site Seeing

I subscribe to a lot of email newsletters covering a myriad of topics. Periodically, I plan to do articles with brief Synopses (Site Seeing, if you will) of some of them to pass on snippets of useful information along with their links so you can read the whole shebang if you are interested.   ***** […]

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