dealing with the multigenerational issues

The NIH is a great resource for the Sandwich Generation caregiver caring for the aging parents in their family

Great News and Resources from NIH For All of Us Boomers and Seniors Caring for Aging Parents

Following up last week’s list of great resources for the Sandwich Generation, caring for aging parents while raising kids or grandkids, NIH has a useful update for all of us caregivers.

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The Administration on Aging EldercareLocator is a big help for the Sandwch Generation

Tips for the Sandwich Generation – From Benefits for Caregivers to Travel Tips For Elderly Parents

From government resources to travel information and tips for caregivers-Great resource-full sites for the Sandwich Generation

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These pink flowers are lovely for the family dealing with the sadder Sandwich Generation issues of grief hospice and death

More Thoughts for the Sandwich Generation Family Dealing With Grief and Hospice

Resources and thoughts for the Sandwich Generation family dealing with grief and loss issues, hospice, and options.

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Past Christian Easter gifts ideas for our Sandwich Generation family included Veggie Tales Easter Carol

Inspirational Christian Easter Gifts Ideas for Kids and Grandkids in Our Sandwich Generation Families

Christian encouragement is such a blessing for our grandkids. Easter gifts ideas for our kids and grandkids is a great opportunity for inspirational presents.

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Losing a beloved parent is one of the hardest things for the Sandwich Generation family - along with dealing with the grief - hospice can continue to help even after

Dealing With Grief and Loss In Your Sandwich Generation Family?

Grief and loss resources, books, and comforting Bible verses for the Sandwich Generation family who have lost a loved one.

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Pink things like these pink keys are fun for the Sandwich Generation on Pink Saturday

Keys Make Great Tips for Taking Care of Our Sandwich Generation Family – From Elderly Parents to Cute Grandkids

Cute pink things like these keys are also great tips for taking care of our elderly parents, not to mention our granddaughters.

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The Sandwich Generation appreciates great tools like medical alert systems with auto fall detection to help our aging parents if they fall with no one around

Tips for Taking Care of Elderly Parents In Your Sandwich Generation Family – Elderly Falls

Tips for taking care of elderly parents in our Sandwich Generation families – helping them prevent else deal with falls.

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Lovely clouds to encourage all of us in the Sandwich Generation dealing with a variety of multigenerational issues

Sandwich Generation Issues Got You Down? These Can Lift Your Spirits!

“S’no’w snow today – but glorious clouds and skies to lift the spirits of the Sandwich Generation – thanks to my easy to use digital camera!

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The Sandwich Generation granny nanny does love it when dealing with issues that are a piece of cake

When the Sandwich Generation Issues Are NOT a Piece of Cake

The Sandwich Generation issues aren’t always a “piece of cake” – like dealing with grief and loss issues, sick elderly parents AND grandkids…

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The Sandwich Generation granny nanny loves books for all holidays including Leap Year Day

The Sandwich Generation Grandparents Enjoy Their Grandkids! Leaping LEGOs!

Leaping LEGOs – it’s Leap Year this week! SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation grandparents has a great design for old LEGOs along with some Leap Year ideas and link.

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