create a butterfly garden

I love these gorgeous pink mums from my easy to use digital camera

Happy Pink Flowers for Happy Pink Saturday!

Pink Saturday fun with pretty pink mums from my wonderfully easy to use digital camera! Perfect to encourage all of us boomers and seniors!

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Worms a such a blessing for senior gardening projects like the Sunflower Houses or Butterfly Garden - they do a lot of our work for us as my sweet grandpa used to tell me

Fun as We Enjoy Senior Butterfly Gardening and Sunflower Activities

Senior gardening and sunflower activities fun for grandparents and grandchildren. My senior mom is looking forward to her butterfly garden as well!

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Senior gardening fun with plants like the Royal Red Butterfly Bush

Reviewing New Year’s Goals for Boomers and Seniors – From Gardening to Health Screening

Time ro review plans and goals with our senior parents – from their senior gardening ideas like a bird and butterfly garden to medical tests we need to schedule

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