Christian words of encouragement from Kaye Swain who is the Sandwich Generation granny nanny dealing with the issues of caring for the elderly parents and babysitting grandchildren

Electric powered medical mobility scooters like this Pilot scooter can enable our senior parents to move around freely in spite of their weaknesses

Strength for the Sandwich Generation Family Is Found in Jesus Christ

Electric powered medical mobility scooters are a great way to illustrate 2 Corinthians 12:9-10-comforting Bible verses for caregivers and caregivees.

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Love the Song about a Jew Born Anew on this album along with so many other of Marty Goetz songs - a blessing for this baby boomer

“A Jew Born Anew” by Marty Goetz – Fun and Musical Way to Teach Our Grandchildren To Pray For Israel

I love all of Marty Goetz’ great praise and worship songs but this one is especially fun – I enjoy sharing it with my grandchildren!

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I Call You Friend - Marty Goetz songs to encourage the Sandwich Generation

Fellow Baby Boomer, Marty Goetz, Has Words and Music of Encouragement for All of Us

Words & music of encouragement for the Sandwich Generation-comforting Bible verses in lovely praise and worship music by fellow baby boomer Marty Goetz.

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Caring for elderly parents who need to apply for social security or medicare - this book can help

Good News for Senior Citizens and Their Social Security – But Will It Last?

The good news for senior citizens – no delay in social security checks, at least not yet. The better news, encouraging Bible verses remind us…

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Encouraging praise and worship music and Bible verses Like Psalm 46 are a blessing to the Sandwich Generation dealing with trials and tribulations

Be Still and Know That God is The Strength The Sandwich Generation Needs

Comforting Bible verses from Psalm 46 can be such an encouragement to the Sandwich Generation dealing with grief and loss while caring for elderly parents…

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