Christian words of encouragement and inspiration from Kaye Swain the Sandwich Generation granny nanny dealing with the multigenerational issues of caring for the elderly parents and babysitting the gr

The Sandwich Generation granny nanny does like sirius satellite radio - online - in the car - in my iphone app - and even in a radio like this

Getting Serious With Sirius Satellite Radio Online or On the Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny iPhone App

Some Siriusly good music on Sirius satellite radio online OR on iPhone app including Frank Sinatra songs, Christian praise and worship music..

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The Sandwich Generation granny nanny loves cute Grandma and granddaughter apple clip art

Tasty Homemade Apple Dessert Recipes for Grandparents and Grandkids – Yummy With Fresh Apples

Autumn & fall fun for the Sandwich Generation family include a yum baked apple crisp recipe with oatmeal topping & crockpot apple butter!

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The Sandwich Generation granny nanny and grandkids love to share pink things with EWE for Pink Saturday and beyond

Does Your Sandwich Generation Family Want to Stay Healthy AND Maybe Even Get Pink Fun Things?

It’s that time of year for pink things to keep the Sandwich Generation and their family healthier, as they are caring for elderly parents and babysitting grandchildren!

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Big Band Christian Hymns to Encourage the Sandwich Generation Family

Love the Big Band jazz sound of these encouraging praise and worship hymn songs and music-a delight for the whole Sandwich Generation family.

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Wee Sing Bible songs with the old and new testament books of the Bible songs

Learning the Books of the Bible Songs for Grandparents and Grandchildren Part 2

Fun Bible memory activities for grandparents and grandkids include fun ways to help kids and grandkids learn the books of the Bible-chart printable

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Old Testament Books of the Bible bookmark coloring pages

Fun Activities for Grandparents and Grandchildren Learning Books of the Bible

Fun activities for grandparents and grandchildren while learning the books of the Bible including cute song and fun bookmarks.

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A great chart with a books of the Bible list to help the Sandwich Generation granny nanny teach them to her grandkids

My Favorite Songs To Help Grandkids Learn The Books of the Bible – Part 1

Are you teaching your children or grandkids the Books of the Bible & looking for a song to help them? My grandkids and I have found several we really like…

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