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Happy Pink Saturday from the Sandwich Generation granny nanny dealing with the multigenerational issues of caring for the elderly parents and babysitting grandchildren

PINK Mother’s Day Clip Art, Greetings, and Ideas for the Busy Sandwich Generation!

Happy Holidays! Pink Mothers Day greetings, clip art, and last minute gift ideas for that special senior mom and grandma!

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Mail tags and animal stamping supplies are great for easy Mothers Day crafts for seniors and grand kids

Easy Mothers Day Crafts for Grand kids and Seniors!

Join the Sandwich Generation granny nanny & grandkids for some fun & easy Mothers Day handmade greetings cards & crafts for seniors & kids.

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The weather has slowed down my senior moms gardening plans - but God has provided an abundance of flowers in the yard anyway

From Wildflowers to Peanut Butter Dog Treats to Fascinating Fungi – This Sandwich Generation Grandparent Has The Scoop

Enjoy floral, fauna, and sunshine with the Sandwich Generation granny nanny, her senior mom, grandkids, and granddogs – gardening & more!

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Spring hydrangeas to say Happy May Day to the Sandwich Generation dealing with the multigeneration issues of caring for the elderly parents and babysitting grandchildren

Happy May Day to The Baby Boomer Generation Caring for Elderly Parents and Babysitting Grandchildren!

Comforting & encouraging Bible verses & Acapella Music for the Sandwich Generation caring for elderly parents and babysitting grandchildren

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Sometimes it is grandmas and grandpas - a delightful book for the Sandwich Generation granny nanny who is the full-time caregiver

Reading Resources for Activities for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Are you one of the grandparents raising young grandchildren full time (GRG)? Here’s a great little book to encourage you and your grandkids.

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Encouraging Bible verses remind the Sandwich Generation granny nanny and her grandkids that we must do all IN CHRIST

Scent-sational Idea to Teach Encouraging Bible Memory Verses to Children and Grandchildren

Some cute country spring flowers clipart along with encouraging Bible verses for children to lift the spirits of the Sandwich Generation.

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My senior dad loved his Nova rollator - one of many walking aids for seniors

Good News and Resources for Boomers and Seniors During Parkinsons Disease Awareness Month

It’s Parkinsons Disease Awareness Month & SandwichINK has important resources for all of us caring for elderly parents dealing with symptoms of Parkinsons Disease.

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The Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny and Her Grandkids are Sharing Hosanna In the Highest Praises With You On This Palm Sunday

Singing Hosanna Hosanna Hosanna in the Highest with the grandkids during Lent as we listened to older Michael W Smith Worship songs on mp3 = Joy!

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Encouaraging Bible Memory Verses from Romans 12 1 and 2 for children and grandchildren are great for Lent 2011 meditations for kids

Lent Ideas and Meditations for Grandparents and Their Grand kids – Part 6

Lent 2011 meditations for kids & grandkids have focused on what Jesus did for us. Today the Sandwich Generation focus is on surrender to God

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This senior Sandwich Generation granny nanny is loving spring with gardening activities for grandparents and grandchildren

Thoughts and Photos of Senior Gardening, Sunflower Houses, and Grandkids!

Spring is springing, as told in a lovely senior gardening photo taken with my very easy to use digital camera! LOVE the image stabilization!

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