Several inspirational Bible Verses offer Sandwich Generation Grandparents Words of Encouragement to Stand Firm_picnik

Stand Firm on These Words of Encouragement

Inspirational Bible verses and photos to encourage Sandwich Generation grandparents to Stand Firm in the Lord and in His Word.

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Praise and Worship With Word-Filled Wednesday

Word-Filled Wednesday is a great time to stop & spend time in praise & worship to our wonderful Lord, then head back to caregiving duties with a lighter heart!

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Storms for the Sandwich Generation

God is ALWAYS with us in the middle of our caregiving trials, ready to speak words of comfort to us through His Word, through hymns and praise songs, and…

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Grandkids Love Forms!

Printed out forms make fun “play business” times for grandkids as well as a great way to add creative social studies projects for homeschooling programs.

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The Gift That Keeps On Giving for the Sandwich Generation

Teaching God’s love to our kids & grandkids richly blesses us making it the gift that keeps on giving – even into the Sandwich Generation and Senior years.

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Writing Fun For Grandkids

Story writing is great for our grandkids of all ages. Working on it with them gives us a fun memory together and a great project for homeschooling programs.

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Submission to God: Vital for the Sandwich Generation!

When an aging parent is placed in the Hospice program or has developed dementia, some things are unchangeable.
James 4:7 reminds us to submit it all to God.

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Autumn Decor With Grandkids

Autumn leaves are much loved by my grandkids and me. When everyone else is busily raking their lawn to achieve the bare look, my grandkids and I are crunchily dancing in the leaves, watching in awe as they fall to the ground in God’s awesome “Autumn Ballet,” and making craft projects with them. We have […]

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A Hug for Sandwich Generation Caregivers

Proverbs 3:5-6 is often a special hug for this Sandwich Generation senior home care giver and grandmother!

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Helping A Senior Parent Deal With The Death of a Spouse

As senior home care givers we may have to help one parent deal with the death of their beloved spouse. A few things that have helped me included…

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