Holiday Progressive Blog Party

Help for the multigenerational Sandwich Generation - Invacare Extra Reusable Bedpads

Disposable and Washable Bed pads for Adults and Children

They aren’t glamourous but they are a great resource for the Sandwich Generation, caring for elderly parents & babysitting grandchildren or still raising children…

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As the Sandwich Generation granny nanny often reminds her grandkids - JESUS is the BEST gift for Christmas - EVER

Advent Devotionals for The Sandwich Generation Family from Kids to Seniors: The Best Christmas Gift!

Encouraging Bible memory verses for kids and grand children-a delightful way for the Sandwich Generation granny nanny to teach our grandkids the true “Reason for the Season”

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These personalized and unique Christmas tree ornaments seem new to me but vintage to my grandkids since the bell is over 20 years old - gift tage in Picnik special effects

Photos, Holiday Frolic, and Fun for the Sandwich Generation Grandmother, Senior Mom and Grandkids

The Sandwich Generation granny nanny, senior mom, and grandkids are staying busy with Christmas blog party fun from to vintage Christmas tree ornaments and more…

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My Sandwich Generation family loves the Willow Tree indoor Christmas nativity sets with lovely figurines dec 4

Advent Devotionals for Sandwich Generation Families from Seniors On Down to Their Grand Kids – Part 2

Merry Christmas as we join in with for their Holiday Progressive Blog Party featuring Advent Music for children thru seniors…

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As my cute country Christmas gingerbread cup and clipart proclaim - its the season for fun parties - and for the Sandwich Generaton that can include a fun blog party or 5

Happy Holidays! Christmas Blog Party Fun for the Sandwich Generation

Caregiving issues keeping you close to home during this holiday season? Enjoy happy holidays blog party fun for caregivers and grandparents…

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