Christian words of encouragement in the midst of worries via Kaye Swain real estate agent blogger in Roseville CA

Fun and Uplifting Encouragement for Grandparents and Caregivers

Christmas fun with long distance game ideas for the grandkids & uplifting music & words of encouragement for caregivers as well as boomers & seniors

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Encouraging Bible verses posted around the house and hidden inside our hearts can help the Christian in the Sandwich Generation as they deal with the pain and suffering that is part of the issues of caring for the elderly parents in their family

Pain and Suffering is Inevitable, Especially for the Sandwich Generation! So What Do We Do About It?

I love Kay Arthur books. When the Hurt Runs Deep deals with a topic of concern to all, including Christian Sandwich Generation caregivers – pain and suffering!

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Grandparenting Requires Extra Careful Vigilance And Much Prayer!

As a grandparents, it is vital for me to be vigilant as I care for my grandkids – both for my grand-toddlers and my grandkids in their home schooling program.

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Arthritis Factoids for Caregivers

Arthritis is the number one cause of disability in the nation. Check SandwichINK for more facts and sites of interest to caregivers.

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SandwichINK’s Twitter Tips Including Cancer and Parkinsons Tips

Tips to help the Sandwich Generation relax, caregivers travel tips, Info for grandparents and grandkids, aging parents, Alzheimer’s Disease, and so much more.

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Glad that God is in Control of this Caregiver’s Life

As a caregiver, I spend a lot of time waiting. Whether it’s in a doctor’s office, therapist’s office, school pick-up line, or the post office line, it can get a little boring if there’s nothing to do. Most of the time you can find me writing, reading, or researching. Once in a while though, I […]

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Boomers & Seniors Blog Carnival for March 24 is Up and Running at Ageless-Sages

Wait till you see the current edition of this useful and interesting collage of blog posts. Ageless-Sages is hosting it and they used the greatest pictures. Vintage photos! As you can probably guess from past posts here at SandwichINK, I LOVE vintage pictures. That alone is enough to make me run over. But that’s not […]

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Caregivers – One Possible Option for Free Medical Treatment

This is a tough economy for employees! Right now I personally know six people who are out of work. It’s bad enough losing your job and losing your salary. But what happens to those who have health problems? This is becoming especially prevalent right now for Baby Boomers. Generally speaking, it seems like the younger […]

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Our Identity in Christ

Church was great today! I know, I say that every time. To be honest, God has so blessed me with wonderful, God-fearing pastors who are also gifted teachers. It makes going to church an extra joy. Of course, I always make sure they love God, love the Bible and teach its inerrancy, and are solid […]

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Current Events Wrap Up for the Sandwich Generation: Heads Up About Head Injuries

It’s once again time for the Thursday Meme, Current Events Wrap Up. Today I want to share a sad story that includes some very useful information for us as caregivers. Head Injuries – One very sad story that has had headlines all week was the tragic death of actress Natasha Richardson, Liam Neeson’s wife. In […]

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