Planting God’s Love In Grandkids’ Hearts

What started as a short story about Moses and the Golden Calf, turned into one of those wonderful and special teachable moments all of us grandparents love!

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Pantech Phones’ Troubleshooting Worked For This Caregiver

Cell phone issues lead to one of my favorite new smartphones, a troubleshooting fix for the Matrix Pro sync issue, and a reminder to do your computer backup!

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Hotel Fun With Grandkids

Hotel stays with grandkids mean fun, adventure and hard work . This is true if you are going somewhere exciting like one of those Disney World Vacations or the Great America Theme Park . It’s more so if you are headed to a business conference or medical appointment. Kids have to be quieter than normal […]

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Sick grandkids are a part of the Sandwich Generation issues

Sharing Love & Germs In the Sandwich Generation Issues

One of the joys and struggles of the Sandwich Generation issues – balancing the health needs of the young and the elderly.

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SandwichINK News for Caregivers – Fire Safety & Fun Contest

Fire Safety for caregivers such as talking to aging parents, fire safety kids coloring pages & projects, & ensuring caregiver’s documents are backed up offsite!

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Senior couple walking in park

Wheelchair Ramps for Doorways!

When my elderly father had to give up his independence, and even his rollator, for a wheelchair, we were thrilled to discover wheelchair ramps for doorways!

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Caregivers Can Give Thanks in All Circumstances

Aging parents, grandkids, and even caregivers have major concerns. How comforting to know that, because Jesus has overcome the world, He is truly in control.

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Caregivers: Don’t Let Strange Websites Mess Up Your eLife

Today is Current Events Thursday for the Sandwich Generation and I am writing about a lesser known, not stupendously huge, but somewhat irritating event that is currently happening, maybe even in your very own email box! Twice in the last month I have received very nice invitations from people who “added you as a friend […]

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Email Caregiving Appointments Via Texting

Caregivers can save time and be more efficient by texting their own email. Texting is not only easier then entering it directly into the cell phone calendar, but you have a copy of it in the send file on your cell phone and your home email as well. Great idea for caregivers of aging parents and grandkids!

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How to Give Your Grandkids a Gift From Your Youth

My favorite book from my childhood is Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. It’s a great children’s book to share with our grandkids today as well. Even though it’s definitely from another era, that genre is still quite popular. Look at movies such as Pride and Prejudice , along with Sense and Sensibility . They […]

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