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Cool iPhone apps for kids and grandkids are a big help for the Sandwich Generation juggling multigenerational issues

From Samurai to LEGOs, These Cool iPhone Apps Are Fun For the Grandkids and a Big Help To Their Grandma

A big help for me while juggling Sandwich Generation issues, here are more of my grandkids favorite and very cool iPhone apps for kids on grandma’s iPhone!

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A happy Pink Saturday welcome from my Sandwich Generation family to our new treadmill

My Senior Mom and Grandkids Are THRILLED TO Welcome Our New Treadmill!

Well, the time has come! My senior mom decided to buy a treadmill. We researched, we bought, and IT ARRIVED. Here’s a Pink Saturday welcome to it!

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Treadmills can provide fun and healthy exercise for seniors - public domain photo from U.S. Air Force

Our Thought Process When We Went to Buy A Treadmill for My Senior Mom

How did my senior mom and I make our decision when she decided to buy a treadmill? Here are our reasons.

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Walking is excellent exercise for senior citizens and a treadmill is a terrific way to keep it up even when you cannot leave the house

New Walking Option for Our Sandwich Generation Family

How do boomers & seniors keep walking when weather, health issues, & caregiving needs keep interrupting the plans? How about buy a treadmill?

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