Blog Action Day 2010

Sweetly Comforting Bible Verses with Encouraging Praise and Worship Music To Fill You With Hope

Encouraging Bible verses and uplifting praise and worship hymn songs and music to put the hope of God and in God in the heart of the Sandwich Generation.

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How to Provide Christmas Gifts to Needy Children – Without Ever Leaving Your Sandwich Generation Family!

Samaritan’s Purse shares physical & spiritual water around the world, along with Operation Christmas Child-all ways the Sandwich Generation can help others!

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Jesus Christ - the river - the water of life -encouraging Bible verses and Good news for boomers and seniors and their Sandwich Generation families

How to Provide Water to Needy Countries – Without Ever Leaving Your Sandwich Generation Family

Once a year, bloggers unite to write about one topic that impacts all of us, including those of us in the Sandwich Generation! Today is Blog Action Day-WATER!

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As vital as physical water is - spiritual water - a river of the water of life - is even more vital - World Vision works to provide both kinds of water to peoples around the world

Need a Solution to Sandwich Generation Tears?

Encouraging Bible verses for Blog Action Day remind us of the Good News that Jesus is the Water of Life for the Sandwich Generation in every part of the world.

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