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The book of Revelation study guides taught me there were beatitudes in Revelation

Book of Revelation Study Guide Videos

There is great encouragement for the Sandwich Generation & their grandkids & elderly parents in Bible-based Book of Revelation study guide videos available!

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God’s Unfailing Love

Everything in this world is subject to failure, except God and His unfailing love. And He shines that unfailing love on us!

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The Book of Revelation Was Written by a Senior Citizen

I have been involved in a Bible study focusing on various prophetic books of the Bible for the last couple of years. Last year we studied Daniel, using Kay Arthur’s Precepts material. This past week, we began the Book of Revelation, again using Precepts material. It’s been a fascinating journey that I continue to enjoy. […]

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God is a Faithful God

Our God is a faithful God! We know that from His Word. We know that from our answered prayers. We can also discover it from our spiritual diaries, if we keep them. I keep my main one in shorthand, which I learned over 30 years ago. There’s just one problem. I can write it fine, […]

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Daniel – Two Perspectives

Precepts, by Kaye Arthur, and the Bible studies by Beth Moore are both excellent ways to study the Bible and I have previously recommended them – . I have been studying through the book of Daniel this past year in the Precepts courses. We are currently on a two month break and I had […]

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Bible Resource Site –

Have you discovered the wonderful resources for Bible study that are available to us online! There are several excellent sites out there just waiting for us to dig deeper into the Word and I plan to share my favorites over the next few months. Today I am especially excited as I just discovered a brand […]

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