best cool kids iphone apps

Cool iPhone apps for kids and grandkids are a big help for the Sandwich Generation juggling multigenerational issues

From Samurai to LEGOs, These Cool iPhone Apps Are Fun For the Grandkids and a Big Help To Their Grandma

A big help for me while juggling Sandwich Generation issues, here are more of my grandkids favorite and very cool iPhone apps for kids on grandma’s iPhone!

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The birdie getting caught in the shade trees was funny and the shade was well worth it to grandma and grandchildren playing badminton on a hot summer day

Got Your Thinking Caps On? These Cool iPhone Apps for the Kids and Grandkids Definitely Require Them!

Got even more of my grandkids fun and very cool iPhone apps. They are great for those “dog days of summer” when it’s too hot to head outside.

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