babysitting the grandchildren

Red flowers are a sweet delight for the aging parents in our Sandwich Generation family - but my Smilebox eCards Creations are even more great fun

High-Tech Homemade Greetings Cards Can Be Fun For All Ages in Our Sandwich Generation Families – Part 2

Check out the latest of my Smilebox eCards Creations for my Sandwich Generation family with a video from my easy to use digital video camera in my iPhone!

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My Smilebox eCards Creations are a joy to make and a joy to share with all of us dealing with the Sandwich Generation issues

High-Tech Homemade Greetings Cards Can Be Fun For All Ages in Our Sandwich Generation Families

I love to make my Smilebox eCards Creations for my Sandwich Generation family with photos from my easy to use digital camera. I just learned I can add videos as well!

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Easy food crafts for kids and seniors like this pink fudge recipe are very handy for the busy Sandwich Generation

Happy Father’s Day, Pink Saturday, AND Fudge Day to the Sandwich Generation

Pink fun & easy peasy fudge recipe that makes for easy cooking crafts for kids & seniors-Great for Father’s Day, Pink Saturday, & Fudge Day!

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These badminton rackets and birdies make up a much nicer set than the Sandwich Generation granny nanny used with her grandson - we may have to give it a try

The Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny and Grandson Had A Blast With Our Badminton Rackets and Birdies

This week the Sandwich Generation granny nanny and grandson learned not all badminton rackets and birdies are created alike but all are fun!

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The Sandwich Generation caregiver can rarely take time off from multigenerational caregiving when illness strikes

More Fun Activities Ideas For Babysitting Grandchildren When You Have No Voice?

The Sandwich Generation issues of babysitting grandchildren while caring for aging parents rarely allows for sick days off. Some tips for those days you are dealing with laryngitis while babysitting.

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Hooray - summer boredom gives way to educational fun for grandparents and grandchildren

How to Solve the “I’m Bored-itis” When Babysitting the Grandchildren – Part 1

Kids or grandkids got summer boredom blues? Some fun links & ideas to help all of us grandparents in AND out of the Sandwich Generation.

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Two huge boxes plus three excited grandchildren equals a happy Sandwich Generation granny nanny

Boxy Help For The Sandwich Generation Grandparent Who Has Lost Their Voice!

Babysitting grandchildren but not feeling well – or have no voice? What’s a Sandwich Generation grandparent to do? Boxes to the rescue!

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Soccer activities for grandparents and their grandchildren - great fun for the Sandwich Generation even if mixed in with illness issues

Soccer Watching Tips for Grandparents Babysitting Grandchildren

Are you grandparents involved in soccer activities with the grandkids? Here’s some tips to help with the fun and the heat!

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Patient updates are often a fact of life for the Sandwich Generation - technology can help

Keeping Your Sandwich Generation Family and Friends Updated During Aging Parents Hospitalizations

Caring for aging parents in the hospital for a prolonged illness and trying to figure out how to update friends and family?

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Fun crafts and encouraging Bible verses fill the VBS day for grandkids AND grandparents in AND out of the Sandwich Generation

Vacation Bible School For Grandkids AND Grandparents

Vacation Bible School is here! What fun it is for the GRANDPARENTS as well as the grandkids-a great way of leaving a sweet spiritual legacy of servanthood.

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