baby boomers and senior citizens

Encouraging Bible verses and lovely autumn tree with fall foliage - a delightful Thanksgiving placecard for the Sandwich Generation

Holiday Fun With The Whole Family – From Grandkids to Sweet Seniors – While Sharing The Word of God – Psalm 119:64

More cute printable Thanksgiving placecards to print out & make to share encouraging Bible verses with grandkids and senior parents.

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The Sandwich Generation granny nanny even found late red roses here and there - perfect for Rednesday

The Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny Musing About the Waning of Autumn Bliss

Autumn bliss is giving way to winter chill & the Sandwich Generation granny nanny is waxing eloquent about the fall loveliness that lingers.

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Giving Thanks For God’s Faithfulness Through All Generations

Encouraging Bible verses for boomers and seniors caring for aging parents & grandkids – faithfulness to all generations.

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Snail mail is a delightful gift to elderly seniors with no technology connections as many of us in the Sandwich Generation know

Stay Ahead of Holiday Stress, Enjoy Fun With Grandkids, And Bring Joy to Beloved Elderly

Fun ideas to get ahead of holiday stress and cheer our aging relatives living far away making use of fun and easy crafts for kids & seniors

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Whether they live near or far - the Sandwich Generation granny nanny loves easy crafts with kids - easy for us boomers and seniors too

Holiday Travel With Elderly Seniors or Young Grandkids? Air Travel Tips Just For You! Part 1

Holiday travel with elderly parents and/or grandkids coming up? A sweet joy for the Sandwich Generation, these tips can help make it easier as well.

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The Sandwich Generation Issues – News and Information for Multigenerational Caregivers, November 5, 2012

A weekly roundup of news highlights for boomers & seniors caring for aging parents of interest to all of us in the Sandwich Generation.

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Early Christmas Joy With One of the Sweet Old Christian Hymns for All of Us In The Sandwich Generation

Wise words and praise music for the Sandwich Generation – with a lovely Christmas flair to one of the sweet old Christian hymns!

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On Tuesday the Sandwich Generation granny nanny shared the waning of my senior moms gardening activities - but check out this pink flower

Pink Fall Greetings To The Sandwich Generation

Pink flowers from my senior moms gardening activities & a lovely foray into pink things around the web-a fun way of caring for the caregiver

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The grandkids easier set came out great too

Tis The Season for Grandkid Gingerbread House Fun…A Bit Early…The Sequel

Holiday fun with my long distance grandkids & more foamie gingerbread houses. Not all were easy but all the family memories are a delight!

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iPad Adventures for Our Sandwich Generation Family! Macular Degeneration!

The iPad can be a great resource for our aging senior parents, including those dealing with vision loss due to a variety of issues including macular degeneration.

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