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I love sharing the Word of God with all - especially my grandkids

Thanksgiving Fun For Young and Old – And Easy to Do Too!

Fun and easy crafts for kids as well as boomers and seniors are grand for the weeks before Thanksgiving, especially after a big move.

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Sharing God’s Handiwork With Our Grandkids

We may have moved to a new state and be juggling changes but some things never change-like encouraging Bible verses with grandkids!

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This granddaughter loved her cousins bag head and followed his grand example

Our Halloween is Going to the Dogs!

Harvest and Halloween fun for grandparents and grandchildren even if you’re moving to a new house-complete with fun adult & kids coloring pages to enjoy

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Woohoo - a sight for the hot and tired eyes of this Sandwich Generation granny nanny - Autumn is coming - leaves are turning the shades of fall

Autumn Is My Favorite Season. And The Hint of Fall in the Trees Have Put a Smile on the Face of This Grandmother and Her Grandkids

Autumn! A great season for grandparents and grandkids! In the midst of hot weather & major storms, there’s a hint of fall in the air and in the trees!

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November - a time of thanksgiving and sweet family memories and encouraging Bible verses for the Sandwich Generation

Encouraging Bible Verses Remind us of the Importance of Leaving a Sweet Spiritual Legacy

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and the Sandwich Generation granny nanny has the last of the encouraging Bible verses for our grandkids & kids…

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I have been enjoying the easy to use digital camera in my iPhone 4s along with my Canon Powershot

Need a Tiny Break From The Sandwich Generation Multigenerational Issues? Some Lovely Autumn Bliss Just For You!

Caregiver stress from the Sandwich Generation multigenerational issues of life can definitely build up. It can help to look for simple ways to relax in the midst of the busy-ness.

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My senior mom loves helping birds while gardening and when the snow comes

The Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny & Easy To Use Digital Camera Capture the “Last Hurrah” of Autumn

Gorgeous red roses in the frost – the last hurrah of autumn for the Sandwich Generation granny nanny thanks to my easy to use digital camera

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Happy Columbus Day to the Sandwich Generation grandparents and grandchildren with this cute country boat clipart

Looking for Fun Ideas For Grandkids on Columbus Day? Here Are Six Great Resources For You!

Six Happy Columbus Day activities, resources, and ideas for grandparents and grandchildren, in AND out of the Sandwich Generation.

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The Sandwich Generation granny nanny and senior mom enjoy seeing other gardening projects while enjoying fun and physical baby boomer and senior citizen activities

The Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny and Senior Mom Love The Red Velvet Celosia Flower Plant for Fun Gardening

The Red Velvet Celosia flower plant is lovely and my senior mom and I have enjoyed the gardening effects in our neighbors yards while out walking.

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The baby boomer - over 50 - Sandwich Generation granny nanny and young grandson had a great time playing tennis last week

Sandwich Generation Can Cling to These Comforting Bible Verses

Comforting in Bible verses and one of Jeremy Camp mp3 songs for the Sandwich Generation challenges…

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