Carex elevated Toilet seat has worked well for one of my elderly relatives and its helpful for the Sandwich Generation as it is still useable for others in the family

Toilet Talk for the Sandwich Generation

Caring for aging parents and looking for help with the toilet seat height? Here are some tips that worked well for my elderly relative as well as the whole family.

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Flying Practice for Baby Boomer Generation & Senior Citizens

Many Senior Citizens and Baby Boomers are flying alone for the first time ever. Taking a short flight for fun can ease caregiver stress and prep you for longer trips.

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Arthritis Factoids for Caregivers

Arthritis is the number one cause of disability in the nation. Check SandwichINK for more facts and sites of interest to caregivers.

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Toobeez Products are excellent for activities for autistic children as well as plain old fun with all grandparents and their grandchildren

Interesting Info for the Sandwich Generation

SandwichINK Twitter Resources: Autism, Toobeez, RX, dementia care, fun activities for grandparents and their grandchildren, ways to save money

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SandwichINK Twitter Links 1/20/09 – Part 1

I’ve got some excellent links for you that first appeared on my Twitter page. In fact, there are so many, I’m going to do half today and half tomorrow. Don’t forget, if you want them hot off the press, come join the conversation at .  Without further adieu… Encouragement – Jesus said…Be sure of […]

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Three Healthy Ways to Start the New Year

With the new year’s arrival, it’s time for some new and positive habits. Here are three good habits to work on jointly with your senior parents.

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10 Travel Tips for the Sandwich Generation

1. Bring an empty water bottle to fill up at the airport, after you pass security. That can save you a bundle. Be aware, however, that a few airports have poor quality water. So tuck in a few extra dollars for a water bottle, just in case. 2. Bring your own pillow . It’s cleaner, […]

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Links for Caregivers

Got some great links for caregivers. Have fun doing some web-surfing with purpose. The Arthritis Foundation has ten excellent ways to protect your joints which is especially important for caregivers or their elderly relatives who have arthritis –  Yummy – the Diabetic Gourmet Magazine has some tasty looking recipes along with valuable information for […]

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Travel Tips for Caregivers

Baby Boomer Generation caregivers have special needs when flying with aging parents and/or grandkids. Here’s some tips to help.

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