SandwichINK Twitter Link Round Up 1/9/09

Twitter resources for the Sandwich Generation senior home care giver and grandparent including dementia care, recipes, and recipe scams.

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SandwichINK Links From Twitter 12/15/08

Twitter links for free Christmas music and LinkedIn Resources via Kaye Swain – Sandwich Generation multigenerational caregiver and REALTOR in Roseville CA

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Grandparents: Twitter Links 12/13/08

Twitter links for Sandwich Generation multigenerational caregivers and grandparents

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Caregivers and Shopping Tools

Christmas gift cards – they are wonderful! So easy to buy, so easy to mail and since I usually only buy them from places that offer free shipping, they save me money. If you’re like me, you know well that saving time and money are key components to making a caregiver’s life a bit easier. […]

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Sheets – Read All About Them

Amazon. In case you haven’t guessed, it’s one of my favorite places to purchase books. The prices are great I almost always get books for 30% or more off the normal price.The service is excellent. I’ve only seen them make two mistakes in all the years I’ve bought from them. And I buy a lot […]

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How to Find Amazon’s Secret Christian Bookstore

DID YOU KNOW? Amazon has a Christian Book “Store”. It is NOT easy to find. It’s not listed with their regular stores. It’s not listed in their menus. But it’s there. It pops up as an option every so often and now it’s URL will be on this blog for you to learn about and us to never lose […]

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