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Tuesday Twitter Resources for Caregivers, Grandparents, and Others of the Baby Boomer Generation

SandwichINK provides great resources from Twitter for caregivers, grandparents, and others of the Baby Boomer Generation, known as the Sandwich Generation.

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Yogurt Lessons for Caregivers

God allows small lessons to train us to better handle the big things that occur to us often which is part of being a caregiver for elderly parents & grandkids.

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Bittersweet Reunion for Two Senior Citizens

A video about a senior son and his elderly mother, separated for 43 years, to give you a bit of a smile and to remind us all to make each moment in life count.

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A Caregiver’s Love Is Patient…

Love is patient, Love is kind…Love never fails. Isn’t that a wonderful prescription for caregiving, both for aging parents and for grandkids?

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Caregivers: Skin Cancer Treatments Make A Beach Play Day Less Tempting

Skin cancer treatments are no fun! Knowing how miserable they can be makes this Sandwich Generation Grandma extra cautious about protecting my grandkids’ skin!

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Blue walker with food bowl for pets used by old people with animals at home

Rollator Accessory Bags and Banners to Perk Up Your Aging Parent

WalkerWonder has a stylish, practical product for your elderly parent’s walker or rollator walker, giving it a sense of personality.

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SandwichINK email subscription

SandwichINK is Growing Up a Bit

SandwichINK is here to provide you with information and encouragement as you provide care for aging parents, grandkids, and other, and this free email subscription is another way for us to do that.

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Pantech Phones’ Troubleshooting Worked For This Caregiver

Cell phone issues lead to one of my favorite new smartphones, a troubleshooting fix for the Matrix Pro sync issue, and a reminder to do your computer backup!

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Hotel Fun With Grandkids

Hotel stays with grandkids mean fun, adventure and hard work . This is true if you are going somewhere exciting like one of those Disney World Vacations or the Great America Theme Park . It’s more so if you are headed to a business conference or medical appointment. Kids have to be quieter than normal […]

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Sick grandkids are a part of the Sandwich Generation issues

Sharing Love & Germs In the Sandwich Generation Issues

One of the joys and struggles of the Sandwich Generation issues – balancing the health needs of the young and the elderly.

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