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Tall gate is good for granddog and grandkids

Caring for Elderly Parents Who are Ill and Need Help with an Exuberant Granddog? Two Great Tips From My Granny Nanny Experiences!

The Sandwich Generation issues of caring for elderly parents who have a dog can be complicated if they have to be hospitalized. Some granny nanny granddog tips…

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tennis activities for grandparents and their grandchildren are great fun all year long

The Sandwich Generation Issues Can Include Monitoring for Dehydration in the Elderly and Young Grandchildren

Monitoring water drinking and signs of dehydration in the elderly as well as young grand children in the Sandwich Generation family will help you this summer…

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Proper diet and exercise for women and men can help prevent osteoporosis which might help prevent another 5th metatarsal fracture

Know How to Exercise and Eat Well For Natural Osteoporosis Treatment?

In the hate-to-admit-we-are-aging Baby Boomers Generation and broken any bones lately? How about your senior parents? If so, you need to read this! Osteoporosis…

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A merry heart doeth good like a medicine Proverbs 17 22

A Merry Heart for the Whole Sandwich Generation Family

Three fun videos for the Sandwich Generation – from a senior version of Jesus Loves You to one of the hilarious Bill Gaither and Mark Lowry videos.

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Spotlight On The Sandwich Generation – Issues and Options

Sandwich Generation issues can include Baby boomers caring for elderly parents while being Granny Nannies to grandkids. Check out this interesting video on…

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Advent Wreath Planning: A Sneak Peek for the Sandwich Generation

First Sunday of Advent is 11/29/09. Start with an Advent wreath of 5 candles –4 red, 1 white- and join us weekly for Advent resources for the whole family.

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Caring For Our Aging Parents When They Are Ill

What do you do when an aging parent is ill? There are plenty of ways to help and encourage them, whether you live near or far away…

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Twitter Tuesday For Senior Home Care Givers: Dementia Care, Resources for Homeschooling Programs, Baby Boomer Generation News, More

Lots of great info from Twitter including topics such as dementia care, Karen Kingsbury, Keen Sandals and dress shoes, resources for homeschooling programs…

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Sandwich Generation Travel Tips: Illness

Tips for the Sandwich Generation senior home care giver of aging parents and young grandkids who are dealing with unexpected illness while traveling with old or young.

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Philadelphia Chickens – A Moosical Delight For the Sandwich Generation

Philadelphia Chickens gives me another way to enjoy A Chorus Line Broadway Musical and other musicals, and share it my grandkids and my senior mom at the same time.

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