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Talking About News For the Sandwich Generation

What is a Blog Meme? I found a lot of definitions for this, most using $5 words. Basically it boils down to several blogs writing about the same theme, each on their own site. Then they all link to one home site, so if you enjoy the article at one site, you can easily pop […]

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I Know Who Holds The Future

As I write this, CNN, Fox News, Drudge Report and other news sites are reporting that Wall Street is doing awful, more banks are expected to fail, and the economy worldwide is in a world of hurt! Dealing with senior citizens who often live off investments means that all this can impact us in a […]

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Grandparenting Fun

Found some interesting articles today for you to enjoy on the topic of grandparenting. The Grandparenting Blog had a great article on “Five Ways to Make Phone Calls with Grandchildren Fun” by Shayne and Tanda Packer. As anyone who has tried to carry on a conversation with a young child can relate to, it can […]

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