activities for grandparents and their grandchildren

Fill this digital picture viewer full of your family memories and make delightful gifts for the elderly relatives in the family.jpg

Gifts of Time And Family Memories For The Elderly Parents and Relatives in Our Family

Great gift ideas for elderly parents – Grab photos with your easy to use digital camera and add them to a digital picture viewer full of your family memories.

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Buying a Toshiba 10-inch Netbook Review

Buying a Netbook Can Be a Help for the Busy Sandwich Generation on the Run

Buying a netbook, like one of the portable and cheap Toshiba mini laptops netbooks, can be a great help for all of us busy with the Sandwich Generation issues.

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A reacher grabber is great for the Sandwich Generation caring for elderly parents

Have Portable Reacher Grabber for Senior Parents Who Can’t Bend Over Easily – Will Travel Easier

A reacher grabber is a handy and portable tool for the Sandwich Generation – enabling senior parents to reach things even when they aren’t able to bend easily.

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Jesus Christ - the river - the water of life -encouraging Bible verses and Good news for boomers and seniors and their Sandwich Generation families

How to Provide Water to Needy Countries – Without Ever Leaving Your Sandwich Generation Family

Once a year, bloggers unite to write about one topic that impacts all of us, including those of us in the Sandwich Generation! Today is Blog Action Day-WATER!

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Many of us in the baby boomer generation remember using Silly Putty to make copies of color comics

Baby Boomer and Grandkid News – Silly Putty Isn’t So Silly!

Good news for the Baby Boomer Generation – Silly Putty is still here, it’s more fun than ever, and it’s fun activities for grandparents and their grandchildren

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Psalm 18 is one of the comforting Bible verses as good in the Message as the NASB - reminding us that God is our rescuing knight

Even Our Grandkids Need Comforting Bible Verses Hidden In Their Hearts

We are continuing with our Sunday “Comforting Bible Verses” series to encourage all of us in the Sandwich Generation who are caring for elderly parents and grandkids and juggling all the issues that come with that. This week I was praying about what verse to write about and the Lord reminded me of Psalm 18:1-3 […]

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Boomer and senior fitness is definitely in the news for boomers and seniors

Are the Baby Boomers Getting Left Behind, Technically Speaking?

Does the latest Baby Boomer news mean that many are getting left behind with all the newest tech advances like tiny phones, Facebook and Twitter?

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Webkinz Stuffed and Virtual Animals – Activities for Grandparents and Their Grandchildren – Part 8

Fun Webkinz activities for grandparents and their grandchildren including playing games together online-even when you are several states apart – and here’s how.

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The Sunflower House took a big windstorm and came thru it fairly well

Storms A’Blowin The Grandkids Sunflower House

The Sunflower House made it through two storms so it will continue being fun for activities for grandparents and their grandchildren, full of sweet family memories!

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1 Corinthians 13 4-8 and 13 Love is patient and kind - Love never fails - of faith hope and love - the greatest of these is love

Faith Hope and Love for the Sandwich Generation And Their Families

Faith hope and extravagant love from God to us and from us to others – encouraging Bible Memory verses activities for grandparents and their grandchildren!

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