The gate superyard xt can be extended a little or you can buy two to double it - perfect for the granny nanny of young grandkids OR a cute granddog

SuperYard is Super Helper for Grandparents & Grandkids

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Grandparents generally love to see their grandkids come to visit. I certainly do! If the grandkids are between the ages of 0 and 4, though, some extra precautions are in order. One product that has been a great help to us in achieving that through the years is the expandable Gate Superyard XT for kids. 

The gate superyard xt can be extended a little or you can buy two to double it - perfect for the granny nanny of young grandkids OR a cute granddog

It worked great when the wee ones weren’t yet crawling, to protect them from older siblings, a granddog or other pets, grandparents accidentally stepping on them, etc. Once the cuties started crawling, it served a dual purpose. It could contain said crawlers nicely, keeping them safe inside or outside the house. They could follow me from room to room and even outside. There they could play happily in the grass or on a blanket, while grandma did some rose gardening.

The second purpose was to protect an older siblings’ special projects. The older brother could move into the fence and work on a large building project with construction blocks or logs while the younger one played happily around the house (under my close supervision, of course), leaving the project and worker in happy peace and semi-quiet. When we needed it longer, we added a second set. If we had needed it, we could have added an expander set with only two panels.

The gate SuperYard XT has proven to be almost indestructible. In spite of several moves, being loaned out to various and sundry houses, and being hauled in and out of storage over the last several years, we’ve only broken one of the pieces. Eventually all the local grandkids outgrew it and it’s been sitting in the garage for months. We finally dug it out from the back of the garage and set it in the patio before giving it away. But what do you know, it morphed back into usefulness!

My grandsons asked if they could use it to make a fort. Being the ultra-strict grandma that I am, of course I said, “Yes.”  🙂  They took that long fence (we have two complete sets hooked together), and zigzagged it all through the little patio, creating several nooks and crannies, and ending up against the sturdy plastic Little Tikes 8-in-1 Adjustable Playground equipment (an expanded version of the Little Tikes Hide & Slide Climber).

Little Tikes 8-in-1 Adjustable Playground equipment

The whole project kept the boys happily busy for over an hour as they worked out all the plans to set this up. When I popped over to the house later, they were still enjoying it. As much as I love playing with my grandkids, I also love it when they play happily on their own. This North States gate SuperYard XT has definitely proven itself a friend to our family in a wide variety of ways!

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