Want to know how to break in a baseball glove for your grandkids - this is an intriguing method

How To Break In A Grandchild’s Baseball Glove Quickly

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Love this kids and grandkids playing sports and baseball clip art

I had such a lovely visit with my long distance grandkids earlier this month. I don’t get to see them often, so it’s such a treat when I get to. I had a delightful time with grandkids, granddog, and grandcat. You’ll be hearing about it more in upcoming posts. Today, though, I wanted to share a very cool grandparent, grandchild, baseball glove thing I learned while visiting.

Want to know how to break in a baseball glove for your grandkids - this is an intriguing method

Have you ever given a grandchild a leather baseball glove (or mitt, as I grew up calling them) and found it so tight and stiff it just was a pain to use – literally and figuratively? One of my grandsons had just gotten a brand new glove and was feeling frustrated with that. His dad, however, had a great tip for how to break in a baseball glove that he’d learned from a former AAA baseball player. IMPORTANT WARNING HERE: This worked well for my family using their leather glove. IT IS NOT A GUARANTEE, of course, and if you try this, your results could vary! That being said, I found several other examples similar to this online, so it does seem fairly safe to try.  🙂

As they explained:

BREAKING IN A LEATHER BASEBALL GLOVE (apparently this ONLY works with a leather glove)

  • “Take a can of shaving cream – any kind is fine. (We used Barbasol.) Spray the whole mitt – in and out – with the shaving cream.

The baseball is snug inside as he was massaging the shaving cream into the outside and inside of the baseball glove for my grandchildren

  • Put the baseball into the mitt where it should go. Rub the outside of the glove with your fingers, then rub the inside of the mitt against itself by squeezing the mitt together.

Notice you can see the shaving cream inside along with the ball as they were breaking in a baseball glove

After the shaving cream is all rubbed in, spray on more shaving cream – inside and out. Put the baseball into the mitt where it fits best, fold the glove the way you want it to fold, wrap it in that position with a belt. Leave it overnight.

At the end of the process of how to break in a baseball glove - you wrap it with a belt with the baseball inside the mitt

  • By the next day, the glove should be feeling much softer and comfy to hold. 
  • If you want, you can repeat the process a second time.”

Isn’t that a handy dandy little tip for how to break in a baseball glove?

Dont you love this cute youth sports baseball clip art for children and grandchildren

It would certainly make for good AND fun “scientific baseball and softball activities” for all us grandparents and grandchildren, don’t you think? Hmmm – next year’s science fair projects maybe???  And if you have excess shaving cream, grab some colored construction paper, spray it on the paper and let them “fingerpaint with it.” Loads of fun as well! 🙂

P.S. Want some more ideas for how to break in a baseball glove – just click here or on each of the photos. 🙂

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