Summer Fun for the Sandwich Generation

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At this particular moment in our life, my senior mom and I are in a cozy apartment for the first time in over 12 years for either of us! Granted, we do have a bit less space, but we are thoroughly enjoying the novel “luxury” of having someone else handle any and all repair headaches!

We enjoy knowing there is a gym available if we feel the urge to walk on the treadmill. The fact that we’ve only done that one time in six months is totally beside the point. 🙂

The swimming pool has looked sparkling and inviting but knowing it wasn’t heated had left me totally uninterested in trying it out. Until today. With a grandkid. That’s the ONLY thing that would have gotten me in! Big bro came to visit, the weather was in the 90s, and I was all out of my usual excuses. And after all, swimming IS one of those terrific and healthy activities for grandparents and their grandchildren! He and I headed over, I gingerly stuck a toe in, and guess what? IT FELT GREAT!

Apparently the solar pool cover I had seen on it really worked! Well! We had a wonderful time playing all by ourselves for awhile, then he had even more fun when other kids showed up.

For awhile, there were a couple of rousing swimming pool games going on, like who could do the biggest cannon ball splash and who could duck their face the longest. Then it was time to head home to tell grand-grandma all about it. As soon as she heard how great the water felt, she immediately perked up her head! In fact, we’ll be heading out to the store sometime this week to help her find a new swim suit and maybe some aquatic exercise equipment to help her get in some of her favorite water aerobic exercises for her arthritis! With pumpkins and fall leaf garlands already decorating the stores, I bet finding a nice one piece swimsuit will be a bit tough but the price, due to sales, will be GREAT!

Once she gets that, off to the pool we’ll head yet again, for one of her favorite modes of aqua exercise – walking as fast as she can in the water. Of course, that means walking quite slowly, but the exertion is excellent for her and her arthritis, and quite safe as well. Hopefully it will be another great way to help her stave off having to use a walking cane! While she’s busily exercising, I shall probably be sitting there writing. Then again, if the water is as nice  as it was today, I may just have to join her in some fun pool exercise.

Our apartment swimming pool, complete with a solar pool cover that works wonderfully, has definitely turned out to be a great option for this Sandwich Generation family! There’s going to be some fun summer memories made here this year! 🙂 How’s your summer going?

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    • Kaye
    • August 19, 2009

    Hi Matt, We’ve got the same thing going on here on the East Coast, that’s for sure! My mom is ultra careful about the sun so she goes walking first thing in the morning, or in the late afternoon, early evening. It’s light, but no real sun and not too hot. We’ll be doing the same with the pool. Our old house was 10 minutes from the beach so we would pop over there around 6 pm and enjoy a lovely walk along with sand and water. Much cooler there too. So I suspect we’ll wait til then to do the walking. Same with gardening – early in the am or later in the pm, the garden beckons with its siren song to come and enjoy the scents, while doing a bit of easy weeding. Good exercise, fresh air, and free from the heat. 🙂 How about y’all? What do you do to get outside but not melt away? 🙂

    • Matt Johnson
    • August 19, 2009

    Kaye, that sounds so fun! Here in Dallas, it’s so hot and humid all summer that most seniors stay indoors. We’re always looking for the best ways to get some fresh air without melting. Do you have any suggestions?

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