Summer Flowers Coming To An End – With Sweet Mysteries for My Senior Mom

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Summer is waning, fall is fast approaching, and my senior mom, grandkids, and  I'm already in the midst of Autumn bliss as we look at the lovely leaves changing colors, 

Autumn is calling - fall foliage has started

more than a few already drifting slowly to the ground,

FALL - Autumn leaves in our backyard

autumn/winter berries popping out, 

These red berries are another harbinger of fall and autumn coming soon

and mysteries abound, but one is solved – turns out this little lovely is…

Mystery plant number 1 for my senior moms gardening activities

a Strawflower with a hint of red for Rednesday!

My Sandwich Generation family thinks this Strawflower is so cute

However, we have yet to figure out what this pretty pink posy is?

If you have any suggestions, we'd love to hear. My senior mom loves her gardening activities and would love to figure this puzzle out. In the meantime, have a lovely end of summer and beginning of autumn! 

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  • Hi kaye!
    This is an Amaranthus plant. Some call it ‘Love Lies Bleeding’. It dries great and floral designers use it in vase arrangements or basket to cascade over the side.

  • Hi Kaye!
    This is an Amaranthus Plant, also known as Love Lies Bleeding.
    It dries well and has a long vase life in water.

  • Hi Melody, THANK YOU – I can’t wait to tell my mom. It sounds GRAND. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Thank you so much! 🙂 I love that idea!

  • Kaye, what a beautiful entry. My grandmother enjoys gardening too. When I see her out there she looks completely immersed in her element. These days, it seems like more things frustrate her than calm her. I can’t imagine how lonely that must feel. I think it’s important to help them find an environment of consistency and familiarity that they can seek refuge in. However, we can’t always be around her, so having a medical alert device from Alert1 really helps her deal with the anxiety of not having us around, especially because before getting her device she was afraid to garden outside in case she had an accident and no one would be around to help. It’s been a great relief for us all.

  • Great points, Kara. Thank you.