Stumbling for Caregivers: Looking Professional on Too Little Sleep

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Stumbleupon is a fun site to check out if you like researching for new sites. If caregiving keeps you so busy, you don’t have the time or interest to go on a site hunting expedition, that’s ok. I do it on a regular basis and will bring you the best of the best of what I find right here at SandwichINK.  Here’s one I found last night:

Shave Off The Years – A day’s worth of tips to look a decade younger – This is an article I found at a site geared for working men. I’m not sure what caught my attention initially but I was glad I read it. It discusses things we Baby Boomer Generation men AND women can do to look their best in any kind of professional setting, whether in an important meeting with your boss, at the doctor’s office with an aging parent, or in a meeting with a grandkid’s principal. The writers, Lindsey Aspinall & Trevor Thieme, give many great suggestions on 15 different ways to look alert, professional, and even a bit younger even if you’ve been up all night with a sick grandkid or grandfather.

Did you know that when you sleep, gravity works against you to cause your eyes to look all puffy? Their first set of tips gives you two different ways to deal with that. Number 4 gives advice on what to wear to look slimmer and professional. Number 10 discusses the use of naps during the day. I must say, I love a good nap when I can find the time! They are a wonderful tool for the caregivers of the Baby Boomer Generation. All in all, a very interesting and useful article. One suggestion, when you open the page to read it, scroll down and select the button that says PRINT THIS ARTICLE. This will open the article into a single page that is easier to read.

Now I’m off to put number 5 into practice – chewing my gum so I can react faster when I am playing tag with those sweet and speedy grandkids.

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