Stress Balls – A New Tool for Caregivers!

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My sweet mom had to go in for skin cancer treatments last month. She lay on the chair apprehensively, knowing a shot was coming. (She was much braver about it than I would probably be. I HATE SHOTS!) Our doctor, who is wonderful, handed her one of those cute little squishy stress balls and told her to squeeze it as the needle went in while taking deep breaths.  It still hurt but she commented later that holding those little stress balls really does help. She appreciated the way it helped take her mind off the pain a bit.

I thought they were a terrific idea and asked the doctor where she got them. “I bought that one, but the Sales Rep for our pharmaceutical supplies has also given us some.” (Hint to any of you who might be a Doctor or Dentist’s Sales Rep – what a GREAT idea for a promo! Personalized squishy stress balls. They will definitely get used and all of us patients will really appreciate them and you!)

I have decided to buy a couple of these stress balls to keep tucked in my  backpack, along with my travel size version of Gobblet. That way, when I’m at the doctor’s office with my mom or grandkids, I can just pop a stress ball out and let them focus on squishing it instead of worrying about what the doctor is up to! Of course, I’ll have to keep an eye on those adorable grandkids to be sure they squish rather than throw.  🙂

What do y’all do to help make trips to the doctor’s easier when you are caring for elderly parents or young grandkids? We’d love extra helps, hints, and tips!

Daily Living Made Easier

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