Stormy Weather For Our Sandwich Generation Family

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I must say, the weather in the middle of our beautiful United States is rarely, if ever, boring, that's for sure! A couple of weeks ago, my grandsons and I were enjoying a great time playing outside. We knew a major storm was a'comin and wanted to take advantage of the swingset before it hit. While they were having fun swinging, I took a few minutes away from some of those fun and physical boomer and senior activities with them to grab my easy to use digital camera, cleverly disguised as my iPhone, and snap just a few of the gorgeous scenes in the sky above. I know these photos don't do it justice, but hopefully you will enjoy a taste of the wooley wild weather we were enjoying – shortly before the rain started pounding! Talk about some family memories for this grandma and the grandkids. A lovely part of being in the Sandwich Generation, don't you think?

The Sandwich Generation with relatives in various states may have to stay aware of weather problems in a variety of states,aps,207&crid=X0RWIOQL3LJ0&linkCode=ll2&tag=caring-for-elderly-parents-at-home-20&linkId=4b969d6796d7d8eb7acafa9b940905a9

It is fun for our Sandwich Generation family to watch extreme weather but we make sure to take safety precautions too

Wow! Just looking at these photos brings back the fun grins and delighted laughter under grey skies, soon to be followed with a quick scamper into the house to work on the computer and listen to a drenching rainfall. Our Sandwich Generation family did enjoy this day, and I hope you did as will. I'm linking up with Sweet Shot Tuesday and Wordless Wednesday! Enjoy! 

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