St. Patrick’s Day Potato Bar Fun For Multigenerational Families

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St. Patrick’s Day is TOMORROW. Can you believe it’s almost three months since Christmas! Wow! I love St. Patrick’s Day. I always try to wear green, but sometimes forget it on purpose so my grandkids can have fun doing a bit of a pinch 🙂 . I make sure I have something green close by to grab so they don’t get too pinch-happy. Then we use that as a good learning opportunity to practice pinching gently and only once or twice.

I love to teach them about St. Patrick. We talk about the fact that he really lived, that he loved God so much, and that God used him in mighty ways. It’s such a great story. Here’s a great page with some craft ideas, including making a shamrock to teach your children about the Trinity. It’s at Christian Preschool Printables .

Something fun to do for St. Patrick’s Day for everyone, from grandkids to elderly parents, is a St. Patrick’s Day Potato Bar. I learned this at work many years ago. You can do it yourself or make it a potluck. You provide plenty of hot baked potatoes in bowls. Have dishes of different toppings from the traditional – butter, sour cream, chives; to the more creative – broccoli, grated or melted cheese, nacho cheese sauce, crumbled bacon; to the radical – peppers – hot or sweet, spices, onions, garlic, pepperoni, chicken. I’ll bet you can come up with even more great toppings. If so, be sure to leave a comment below. To make it even more festive, I would put a couple drops of green food coloring into any of the white sauces, such as the sour cream, mayonnaise, etc. (Just be sure no one is allergic or reacts to food coloring.) Top it all off with some cute Shamrock cookies and maybe even some hats, and you’ll have a fun party for the whole family.

One final tip for this lovely green day, per @TheMogulMom: “If anyone says ‘Top o’ the mornin’ to you’ tomorrow, the proper reply is ‘And the rest of the day to you’.”


The lovely shamrock picture is from Trina Clark’s DigiScrapKits site. I LOVE her clipart!

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