St Patrick Day Crafts Senior Citizens [and Grandkids] Can Enjoy!

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St Patrick Day Ideas for Seniors

Last year, I shared some fun and Easy St Patrick Day Crafts Activities for Toddlers and Seniors with a bit of a focus on stickers. This year, I thought I’d share more easy St Patrick Day crafts senior citizens can enjoy on their own or with grandkids – which so many of us in the Sandwich Generation love to do.

As long time readers of SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation know, I love the holidays. I love to celebrate the holidays with crafts with my grandkids and fun memories with my sweet senior moms – near and far.  And I love to share the Word of God with them as we celebrate. St. Patrick was a strong man of God with an intriguing history, so that is always a fun holiday for me.

St Patricks Day Card Ideas Online

Zazzle is great for fun and st patrick day crafts senior citizens

My elderly mom was the true card queen in our family. She would shop for cards at every store she could find. She’d hand pick out different cards for her kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids. Then she’d write notes in each and mail them for every holiday. She’s not able to do that anymore so she’s “passed the baton” on to me. I’m definitely not as good at it as her. Happily, email, texting, and messaging help me keep in touch even more often than she was able to. But I also do cards for at least some of the holidays, and often that includes St Patrick’s Day.

For the last couple of years I used an online card company that I had really liked. But they recently made dramatic changes that have, basically, broken much of what I used. So I decided to switch my cards to another company I’ve used for other items and loved. It turns out Zazzle lets you make individual and personalized greeting cards at a very good price. I made one for $3 but because of a special sale (and happily, they have those often), it was only about $2.30. AND they have a great option, similar to Amazon Prime’s original deal. It’s called Zazzle Black Standard. I paid $9.95 and I’ll get free standard card shipping for a year.  (See below for more details. 😉 )

I am happy to say that you can definitely create custom Holiday Cards on! It’s definitely a delightful option when you want to Shop Personalized Gifts for Grandparents!

You can use your own photos or photos or clipart that you purchase. I put a collage of all the kids and grandkids on the front, an adorable bulldog on page 2, words on page 3, and another cute photo on the back. I had the choice of 4×5.6, 5×7, or 8.5 x 11 (which is $3.85 extra). My old place was quite a bit more expensive and MUCH more difficult, so I’m doubly happy and kicking myself I didn’t try this sooner!  And isn’t that dog adorable! And yes! I received the card a day or so ago and it looked GREAT! I was very happy, indeed! 🙂

Handmade St Patrick Day Cards

Handmade St Patrick Day Cards

While Zazzle online greeting cards are great for those of us senior citizens who are fairly techy, my elderly mom never did get good enough to even think of trying them. And none of my grandkids have branched into this yet, either. But she did have fun making her own handmade St Patrick Day cards and other holiday cards on occasion. And, in fact, those are a fun activity for all ages from toddlers to seniors. Making it a perfect activity for all members of the Sandwich Generation. Just stock up on some cute stickers, colorful markers, maybe some stamps and pads, plenty of lovely paper (or even good ole construction paper), and craft away. My grandkids and I have enjoyed that many a time, and this year one of my younger set of grandkids made his first handmade Valentine cards for his mom and dad. Next we’ll be working on handmade St Patrick Day cards!

St Patrick Day Crafts Senior Citizens – Cute Nails!

Another beloved elderly senior has never been into card crafting. She was an expert at crocheting and we still love the beautiful blankets she made for us. But now her main hobby is reading. I mentioned I was working on this article and remembered that she and several of her friends were occasionally getting together to enjoy some lovely manicures. I asked her what she thought of green nail polish. She chuckled and said, “I might do it for the day but it wouldn’t last long.” But as we chatted about it, we decided that green nail polish with a pretty floral sticker over it might work well for a week or so. So I went looking and wow! There are a lot more intriguing St Patrick Day nail ideas than that! Aren’t these cute!

And check out this green nail polish. I’m betting she might actually like the glitter green. What do you think?

And again, this is something the whole Sandwich Generation family can enjoy together. I still have lovely memories of my sweet dad letting all his granddaughters paint his nails while we were visiting them. 🙂

Easy St Patrick Day Ideas for Seniors – Baking

Easy St Patrick Day Ideas for Seniors - Baking

I love colorful baking ideas, don’t you? Several of my grandkids enjoy doing that with me and my senior mom was always a whiz in the kitchen. Here are some cute and easy St Patrick Day Crafts senior citizens can enjoy in the kitchen. Think how much fun lunch or dinner will be!

Cinnamon Rolls – Start your day off with plenty of green so no pinching will occur. I love Pillsbury cinnamon rolls. Just add food coloring to the frosting, cook and frost by direction and you have a lovely green start to the day.

Cookies – Whether you bake them from scratch, use Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix, or grab the Pillsbury cookie dough from the fridge section, you’ll enjoy lovely green fun with green food coloring and green sprinkles. I like to add food coloring to frosting and frost the cookies. Then add the sprinkles on top. Easy peasy and just don’t remind me about the calories! 🙂 (Wondering where you can find St Patrick Cookie Cutters? Amazon has a great selection!

Wilton Green Metal Shamrock Cookie CutterWilton Green Metal Shamrock Cookie CutterWilton Green Metal Shamrock Cookie CutterSt. Patrick's Day Irish Shamrock Cookie Cutter - Ann Clark -St. Patrick’s Day Irish Shamrock Cookie Cutter – Ann Clark –St. Patrick's Day Irish Shamrock Cookie Cutter - Ann Clark -St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Cookie Cutter Set - 2 piece -St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Cookie Cutter Set – 2 piece –St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Cookie Cutter Set - 2 piece -OUNONA 4pcs St.Patrick's Day Shamrock Cookie Cutters Set Non-stick Cookie MoldsOUNONA 4pcs St.Patrick’s Day Shamrock Cookie Cutters Set Non-stick Cookie MoldsOUNONA 4pcs St.Patrick's Day Shamrock Cookie Cutters Set Non-stick Cookie MoldsSt. Patrick's Day Cookie Cutters - 5 Piece Boxed Set -St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Cutters – 5 Piece Boxed Set –St. Patrick's Day Cookie Cutters - 5 Piece Boxed Set -St.Patrick's Day Cookie Cutter Set Irish Party Supplies/Decorations - Shamrock LeprechaunSt.Patrick’s Day Cookie Cutter Set Irish Party Supplies/Decorations – Shamrock LeprechaunSt.Patrick's Day Cookie Cutter Set Irish Party Supplies/Decorations - Shamrock LeprechaunBESTONZON St.Patrick's Day Cookie Cutters Set - 4pcs Shamrock Cookie CuttersBESTONZON St.Patrick’s Day Cookie Cutters Set – 4pcs Shamrock Cookie CuttersBESTONZON St.Patrick's Day Cookie Cutters Set - 4pcs Shamrock Cookie Cutters

Pizza – make a mega veggie pizza with artichoke hearts, spinach, green peppers. If you also want olives or pepperoni, just hide them underneath all the lovely greens. I love to use Boboli pizza crusts already made – along with their Boboli spaghetti sauce. Sprinkle on some mozzarella and your green toppings and you have a yummy and easy St Patrick Day dinner for your Sandwich Generation family. Then again, you could emulate Big Bon Pizza in Savannah and make the CRUST green using Kale and put whatever you like on top! 🙂

Easy St Patrick Day Crafts Senior Citizens

Shamrock coloring pages for adults are fun and easy st patrick day activities elderly

Etsy has such talented creators. I love to shop for intricate and interesting coloring pages for my older grandkids and for beloved senior citizens who love to color. They have a wide variety of intricate shamrock coloring pages to enjoy like those above! Just click here.

Trinity Shamrock Craft

In an earlier post, I shared how I helped my grandkids visualize the Trinity like egg – the shell, the white, and the yolk of the egg. I love that Patrick is reputed to have done something similar with trinity – shamrock.  (I have since read that expert apologists don’t like those types of examples but for simple purposes for young and old, I personally think they can be helpful. 😉 ) Last year, I shared a Scripture picture with that concept and one Bible verse focusing on sharing the gospel with others as Patrick did. Here’s a Scripture picture AND a coloring page of the same picture but with a different verse about sharing the gospel with others – something I love to do with my kids, grandkids, friends, neighbors, and online.

St Patrick the trinity with shamrock with 1 Chron 16 24

St Patrick Day Word Search Printables

Here are a couple of fun Word Search puzzles for St Patrick Day fun. If you’d like the answers, along with PDF versions, just click here to sign up for the free email updates and get free access to my member resource library as well (password is Happy )  🙂

Happy St Patrick Day Clover


Patricks Breastplate Poem

Have a Lovely St Patricks Day!

Here’s hoping you found at least one or two fun ideas to enjoy with your Sandwich Generation family – whether with your elderly parents, your grandkids, or others. And HAPPY ST PATRICKS’ DAY to YOU


P.S. More details on Zazzle Black   Free shipping through the Zazzle Black membership program is limited to items specified as “Sold by Zazzle” on that item’s product page. To qualify, items must be shipped to United States addresses. At Zazzle’s discretion, Zazzle may exclude certain products from the program, including oversized items, products fulfilled by third parties, or other products with special shipping characteristics. They offer Zazzle Black Standard for $9.95 for regular shipping. They also have a 2-day shipping Zazzle Black for a higher cost.

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