My grandkids and I enjoyed the brief moments of warm weather with ball tag and two square

Springing Into Outdoor Fun But Not Leaving Minecraft and Board Games Behind

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My grandkids and I enjoyed the brief moments of warm weather with ball tag and two squareWOOHOO! Yesterday and today we got a glorious taste of spring to come and my grandkids and I took great advantage of it. One grandchild and I thoroughly enjoyed a game of ball tag and two square in the back yard yesterday. Today it was swinging and playing kick the ball from the swing with two of them.  

I informed them that I was definitely out of shape and they needed to start "cracking the whip" on getting me out and exercising – my own personal trainers! Ain't it grand! 

My senior mom, grandson and I had so much fun talking about plans for gardening activities. Her bursitis is really giving her grief so I'm hoping she'll let me take over the garden in the ground and stick with her own personal version of "Raised beds" gardens on the patio table. Time will tell on that one. When it comes to gardening, she'll endure pain "up the ying yang" since she loves it so much. 🙂

But now I'm back to watching the weather as another storm – and possible SNOW?!?!?!?! – is in the forecast. So back to Minecraft fun for us as well. Although, this week's been a bit less fun in some respects.

In all the research I did on Minecraft, the one thing I NEVER read was that, for my company anyway, when Minecraft does an update, it takes anywhere from a few hours to a week or two for Bukkit (the company that provides the fun plugins my grandkids LOVE) to do THEIR upgrade. Which means, I had to:

  1. update my server right away
  2. back it up
  3. change it to what they call a Vanilla Minecraft (no plugins or mods or anything – just plain jane)
  4. play in the bare bones basic Minecraft all week 
  5. wait for Bukkit to upgrade (which they did last night)

NOW I have to:

  • back it up again – you should see the gorgeous castle they made in their vanilla Minecraft!
  • use MCedit for the first time ever and try to copy the castle – just to be safe
  • upgrade Bukkit in my server
  • HOPE and PRAY their castle is still there when we open our back-to-normal Minecraft (our server techs – who are WONDERFUL – thinks it will be
  • If it is not, try pasting the castle in with MCedit
  • If all works well – hooray
  • If not – we go back to vanilla till they are bored with the castle OR I figure out something else to try

It's a "good" learning experience for them about technology. I can't tell you the number of things I've learned from broken tech, upgrades that don't work right, and crashed computers. That being said, though, they've put a lot of time in this castle so I do hope we can skip any problems this time and just settle for the talks I had with them to prepare them for the worst case scenario. 🙂

And if any of you are enjoying Minecraft with your own server or plan to, hopefully this will help to prepare  you. NEXT time, I'll know how all this works (and yes, I will update you 🙂 ), and can be a bit more prepared.

One fun thing about all this is that I did do some preparation work to trying out mods for our Minecraft server. They look to be very cool and the boys are dying to try them But they are also MUCH trickier than plugins. And since I expect to see them get easier over the next year, I think I shall hold off on those and make do with the cool Superman plugin we added, right before our server stopped working due to the upgrade. 

How about you? Spring weather, winter weather, indoor play, outdoor play, trying Minecraft or enjoying board games (we're still having fun with checkers and Carcassone as well)? What are you and your grandkids up to right now? We'd love to hear!

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  1. Well right now I don’t have the grands ( today / saturday ) and as much as I love them its amazing what I have all gotten done today, lol …

    Crappy weather, here, Kaye…dreary, cold, rain, snow later…

    Sounds like you had some great outdoor fun, though! : )

  2. Kick the ball from the swing! What a great variation on both! Love how you’re already getting out and enjoying the weather. My grandson and i went ice-skating the last time he was here, but I think the outdoor ring will soon be closing.

  3. It is supposed to be a gorgeous 70 here today but at the moment (8 AM) we are socked in with fog. Being in southern California we pretty much play outside year round but Grandma Kc loves her Sunshine. Amara is still sleeping (she spent the night) and we were hoping after having green pancakes we could play outside with the hose. Don’t know if it is going to be warm enough but if not — look out swing set!

  4. We are busy with inside things – baking cookies and painting pictures. The sun is out so it looks inviting, but it’s too cold. The kids cannot wait to go for a hike in the woods behind my house – and I can’t wait to take them out again!

    • Gena
    • March 20, 2013

    My kids are crazy into Minecraft over here, too!

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