Coloring page joys older grandkids senior parents can enjoy via Kaye Swain Roseville REALTOR

Spring 2017 Delights for Boomers Seniors Grandkids More

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Spring 2017 has sprung.

Spring 2017 Joys

Here in my neck of the woods of Roseville CA next to Sacramento, we are enjoying beautiful flowers everywhere.

Roseville REALTOR Kaye Swain shares wisteria joysWe also have a good-sized wind going on today. Perfect for kites. But I suspect some of our winter flowers, like camellias, won’t be around much longer. That’s OK though. There are roses, gardenias, hydrangeas, wisteria and more taking their place. My senior mom, my grandkids, and I are all thoroughly enjoying this sweet season and I hope you are as well!

Pink tulips orange hint Kaye Swain Sun City West Roseville real estate agent

Spring Coloring Pages

Enjoy some fun spring coloring pictures for young AND old alike:

Kaye Swain Roseville REALTOR sharing Kites are perfect for spring 2017


Coloring page joys older grandkids senior parents can enjoy via Kaye Swain Roseville REALTOR

Christian blogger REALTOR Kaye Swain shares scripture coloring pages for adults and grandkids

Nonenal and Aging Seniors

During this sweet spring 2017, I learned something interesting recently. Have you ever heard of the word Nonenal? Me either! Scientist believe it is the cause of the smells commonly associated with aging seniors. In the past, many dismissed those smells as lack of cleanliness. But they have been found to exist even with the senior bathes regularly and keeps a clean house.

Some of the causes that may contribute to the smell in addition to Nonenal could include the fact that many seniors run colder and don’t often open the house up to fresh air. Also, not drinking enough water can cause that issue and so many others. Wearing cotton is something my mom has always loved and that can apparently help too.

The Japanese have been discussing this situation for some time and many use “naturally antiseptic persimmon extract (a tannin)

Wavertree Persimmon and red currant soap can fight elderly senior smells due to nonenal

and antioxidant green tea

Green Tea for aging elderly seniors dealing with nonenal can help

to help fight this issue. Amazon carries several varieties of persimmon soap that might be useful for many. I’m wondering if Whole Foods might as well? Have you ever tried this?

Happy Spring

Have a great day and enjoy your spring 2017 (or autumn, for my down under friends) immensely!


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