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Movie spoilers! How do you feel about them? A friend of mine hates them. You don’t dare tell her any hints as it will totally ruin the movie for her! I, on the other hand, love spoilers. I love the site, The Movie Spoiler . It provides a thorough rundown of the whole movie – plot, ending, everything. If caregiving keeps me so busy that I can’t get to a movie, or I just don’t want to see it but am curious about the ending, I can check it out there. If I want to know if the plot is one I would enjoy watching, I’ll read up on it and if it sounds good, I’ll go and thoroughly enjoy both the movie and the knowing how the movie goes. If the movie looks like it might be a bit more scary than I like, I’ll skim through the plot and see how it ends. Then I can relax and enjoy the movie without being scared, because I know the ending and it’s happy. It’s also great for checking out movies for taking the grandkids without having to worry about inappropriate material.

G od seems to like spoilers as well. Yes, there are going to be plenty of surprises for us in heaven. And there are certainly plenty of surprises and challenges for us here on earth. It can be especially scary for those of us in the Sandwich Generation. We are responsible for the care of others as well as ourselves in difficult times. However, whenever things get a bit too scary – like when politicians talk about a possible depression, or the likelihood of an unfriendly nation having access to nuclear bombs – I can go to the ultimate “spoiler resource,” the Bible. There I can read the ending and be reminded, GOD TRIUMPHS! He wins, the devil loses, and I’m on the winning side!!!

The world is passing away, and also its lusts; but the one who does the will of God lives forever.

1 John 2:17

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