Spiritual Lessons For Grandparents & Grandkids

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Activities for grandparents and their grandchildren are fun all in themselves. Time spent with grandkids can vary from the fun at Chuck E. Cheese to the thrill of Disneyland. It can go from the wet wonder of a session at the swimming pool to the icy frost of an ice skating rink party. From the hilarious laughter of watching a cartoon together to the peaceful pleasure of reading aloud. From the frustration of misbehavior to the sublime of spiritual lessons. The last is my absolute favorite and it's what makes grandparenting activities extra special. This is especially true when they are helping with those lessons.

One of my grandkids and I shared such a moment recently. She had an ice skating party to head to in the midst of summer. All her winter clothes were packed away and we decided it would be easier to pick up a pair of gloves when we were out and about then to try to dig through myriads of boxes trying to find them.

After a pleasant couple of hours at the shopping center we concluded that the party should be moved to a date a couple of weeks later. That’s the time frame all the mittens at all the stores were scheduled to arrive! 🙂

Driving from the mall to Walmart, I prayed for God to lead us and guide us to find some mittens that would work. As I explained to her, God always answers prayer – sometimes yes, sometimes no, sometimes wait. At Walmart, we received a definite no. Giving up, we headed to her house. Passing a small discount shop we never went to, she asked if we could stop there. Walking in, I quickly spotted one lonely glove without a mate. A bit sadly, I checked one other spot, where we found an adorable blue and white mitten set at a terrific price. HOORAY!

As wonderful as that was, I was even happier as we headed back towards her house, when she commented that God had led her to see that store and ask to go there. We were both thrilled with our definite yes, but talked about the wait and no answers as well. It’s these kinds of mutual seeds getting planted that enable blooms of love for God and trust in Him to grow from tiny saplings to wonderful Oak trees.

What a blessing when God allows us grandparents to have these moments with our grandkids! It’s such a wonderful and encouraging ministry – to them and to us!

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