As you can see from this pix from my easy to use digital camera the Sandwich Generation grany nanny finally got some real snow

Snow Much Fun Eating Snow and Playing Words With Friends With The Grandkids!

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As you can see from this pix from my easy to use digital camera the Sandwich Generation grany nanny finally got some real snow

Lots of busy, chilly, and educational goings on this week for my Sandwich Generation family! As you can see, we finally got SOME snow. Not a lot, and it didn't last long. By afternoon – the snow on our lawn was gone and the snow on our driveway was melting away as well. 

By afternoon - my digital camera that is so easy to use shows the snow is melting by afternoon

The odd thing was that my senior mom and I got the most, while my grandkids – who only live a few miles away – barely got any. So we followed their excellent idea, put several bowls in the ground, and collected snow for one grandchild to eat when he spent the night. We put the other bowls in the freezer and his siblings will get to enjoy their own snow later this week. 🙂

When grandma learned the snow bypassed the rest of the grandkids - we put MORE bowls out

My grandkids love to eat snow but there was not much from the first storm

Since it was too cold to go outside, we did a lot of indoor games this week including our newest fave – the Words with Friends game apps. We are having so much fun with these phonics and spelling activities! This app is an excellent tool to help with teaching a child or grandkid to read or improve their reading and vocabulary skills!  (Shhhhh – don't tell them it's so wonderfully educational, though. They just think it's plain old fun! 🙂 ).

My grandkids and I are all loving the Words with Friends game apps - definitely fun with phonics and spelling activities

So that's what's been keeping our Sandwich Generation family busy this week – how bout yours? And don't forget to enjoy Rednesday and Sweet Shot Tuesday. Plus…

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  1. Hi Kaye!
    What fun at your house!

  2. Looks like fun for all! We haven’t had any snow at all. We usually have a dusting. Not today, almost seventy degrees.

    The French Hutch

  3. Hi Again! I just realized you’re right here In Greater Cincy?!
    Entertrainment is right up 75 at the Tylersville Exit in West Chester.
    We only once a’s not cheap, but they do have a website. During the Summer they have outside train garden and train ride.
    Now that we now where we are in Blogland, let’s not be strangers! You’ll find yourself on my Bloglist 8o)

  4. This So. California girl loves that you can save the snow for the kiddies!

    Happy Rednesday!

  5. That’s such a cute idea, to save the snow for later eating!
    Happy REDnesday,

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