Six Tips to Help Your Grandkids With School Fundraisers While Adding to Your Fun Family Memories

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The older I get the more fundraisers there seem to be at my grandkids' schools. (Would you believe it, this baby boomer granny nanny STILL remembers – vaguely – my own first fundraiser, selling candy to raise money for my school and earn free tickets to Disneyland – back when we really knew what an E-Ticket was! As I recall, I even earned a couple of tickets!) If your grandkids have friends in your area, or you also granny nanny a lot, you may wind up helping with a fundraiser or two through the school year. Just think of it as "good business education activities for grandparents and their grandchildren," a good way to start your Christmas shopping, and another way for you to build your sweet family memories. 

Having just completed a very successful round of fundraising for one grandkid's school, we're quite excited as my grandchild did such a great job she earned a prize! (WOOHOO – Way to go! 🙂 ) In the process, we came up with a few tips to help us all for future fundraisers. 

  1. Take a shorthand notebook with you to jot down notes.
  2. Write down both phone number AND addresses, along with names, for the people who order. If there is not spot on the school forms for all that information, jot it down in the notebook. In fact, it can be a big help to put all the info in both places, just in case. That can save a lot of wear and tear on granny nanny nerves in case the orginal gets lost or damaged!
  3. For hot days – wear hats and carry a bottle or two of water.  On cool days, don't forget those sweaters.
  4. Set any necessary guidelines with the grandkids BEFORE going out. Next time, one of my guidelines will be that any personalized items require at least 50% of the amount paid in advance. We didn't have a problem getting paid – just in connecting with the buyer. But since personalized items can only be used by that person, it's a wise precaution we didn't think of. Of course, if your school requires payment up front, there's no problem.
  5. Make sure your senior parent can easily get in touch with you via their cell phones by taking your own cell phone.
  6. Don't forget your easy to use digital camera to preserve these family memories. (Shucks! That's one I DID forget! Now I gotta run and grab a pix. Fortunately I ordered several items from my grandchild so we've still got good camera material. 🙂 ).

We did fine on this round of fundraising, my star sales-grandkid is a happy camper, and the school was blessed as well. A good time for all! Here's hoping all your grandkids' fundraisers go smoothly as well.

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