Great Options for a Bible Study for Caregivers

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Regular Encouragement

I hope and pray you had a pleasant Sunday and were able to worship together in fellowship with other believers. I know, however, there can be seasons in our lives as caregivers, dealing with the Sandwich Generation issues of caring for elderly parents and helping with the grandkids, when it isn’t possible to get out to church. God has wonderfully provided so many ways for us to be blessed even then. Here are some of my favorite Bible study for caregivers ideas.

Daily Bible Study Books

I strive to make sure I get into my Bible daily for study. I love the Precepts verse by verse Bible studies by Kay Arthur. They really encourage me to dig down deep into God’s encouraging Scriptures. I love taking classes that utilize them in a group setting, but I have also done complete ones all on my own at home. In addition to her verse by verse Bible study books, she has many other excellent books available that you can use as devotionals.

Daily Bible Study at YouTube

Right now, I’m learning on listening to the Word of God as I can do that while cleaning, helping elderly parents, walking, etc. This enables me to keep up with my goal of a daily Bible study for caregivers. YouTube is a great option I utilize when I’m not able to get to church. I can watch on my cell phone, computer and even on my television! Which means my elderly mom can watch with me as well! There are so many great pastors and interesting sermons I am blessed to listen to. Some of my favorites include:

Pastor Greg Laurie – Harvest Christian FellowshipHarvest Podcasts 

Pastor Tom HughesHope for Our Times at 412 Church

J. Vernon McGeeThru the Bible 

Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills

And many more.

More Encouraging Options

These are just six of the many great options for online verse by verse Bible studies and teaching available to those of us in the Sandwich Generation to help us worship God, study His inspirational and encouraging Scriptures and learn more about Him, even when our world has become more confined due to senior home care giving and grandparenting responsibilities. These also give us wonderful opportunities to help those we are caring for to worship as well.

P.S. I pay a monthly subscription fee to YouTube for their premium service which eliminates the majority of ads and allows me to listen on my iphone even if I change the page. – it’s very helpful! 🙂

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