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First Aid Dos and Don’ts

Newsweek has an article entitled, “Top 10 First Aid Mistakes,” which can be found at  These range from nosebleeds to being impaled! I have to admit, I learned some new tricks in reading this article. Very handy information to have whether you are caregiving for little ones, elders, or for yourself.




Crocs aren’t just for looks!

While waiting for a doctor appointment, we were looking over the magazines in the waiting room. We found a funny article disparaging the people who had written in about the first article this gentleman wrote disparaging crocs. Now I have to tell you, I don’t wear crocs. I have arthritis in my feet and I live in my Nike tennis shoes. They may not be the most fashionable, but my feet don’t hurt the way they used to.  However, some of my favorite people LOVE their Crocs. Two of them swear they help their toe issues (Mallet Toes and Hammertoes). After reading this article, I decided to do a little research. Turns out it isn’t just my friends’ imagination. They really can be more than just comfy.


Lyndon V. Hanson, III, vice president of Crocs explains that, “Crocs are certified by the U.S. Ergonomics Council and the American Podiatric Medical Association…These shoes were designed specifically to eliminate plantar pain and achy feet,” says Hanson. “They also help people with injured feet, bunions, and diabetes. You’ve got a lot of inner support, heel cups and massaging heel nubs, and arch support. They’re ideal for people with foot problems.” You can read the whole article at

The Washington Post has another article on what a variety of doctors think about them –

Then again, you could just walk into any store and ask someone. I’ll bet you’ll find plenty of people who want to rave about them.




Colon Cancer Surgery Screenings

If you or your loved ones have had colon cancer and surgery, make sure to get all the screenings that are required. The Chicago Tribune points out that “Only about 40 percent of the 4,426 older patients in the study got all the doctor visits, blood tests and the colonoscopy advised in the three years after cancer surgery, according to the results released Monday by the journal Cancer.”,0,6643725.story





If you provide extra care for one or more grandchild or have them living with you, you have lots of company. Here are some facts and figures from the U.S. Census Department:

6.1 million – The number of grandparents whose grandchildren younger than 18 live with them.


2.5 million – The number of grandparents responsible for most of the basic needs (i.e., food, shelter, clothing) of one or more of the grandchildren who live with them. These grandparents represent about 40 percent of all grandparents whose grandchildren live with them. Of these caregivers, 1.6 million are grandmothers, and 896,000 are grandfathers.


1.7 million – The number of grandparent-caregivers who are married.


1.4 million – The number of grandparents who are in the labor force and also responsible for most of the basic needs of their grandchildren.


918,000 – Number of grandparents responsible for caring for their grandchildren for at least the past five years.


730,000 – Number of grandparents with a disability who are caring for their grandchildren.


30% – Among children younger than 5 whose mothers worked outside the home, the percentage cared for on a regular basis by a grandparent during their mother’s working hours. Grandparents and fathers were the two biggest sources of child care by relatives when mothers went to work.


Sounds like God is using a lot of us in some GRAND ways!

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