In the meantime, here's a fun word search puzzle I made, "Love is..."   LOVE IS by SandwichINK   u r o n s f i p s k t p i l n o p t a h c a l o t r l t t u o t o v e e e e l m n i s e r v a n t b t e a n e e s n e l e n c o u r a g e e n t n b k i n d n o t l p o l i t e e r c a l m v r n a a b CALM CONTENT ENCOURAGE FOREVER HUMBLE KIND LOVE PATIENT PLEASANT POLITE SERVANT    

Singing “Love” Bible Songs are Fun Activities for Grandparents and Their Grand-Children!

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Love is - 1 Corinthians 13 - not proud - not self-seeking

As our giraffe friend reminded us on Word-Filled Wednesday, Love…it is not rude, it is not self-seeking.

Have you and your grandkids had a chance to try out some of our fun Bible memory verses activities for grandparents and their grandchildren? I've been having fun with one bunch of grand-cuties for the last week. I haven't seen them for awhile so we stayed fixed on "Love is patient, Love is kind…Love never fails."

I'm thrilled to report the two youngest especially enjoyed the latest of my fun "homespun" toddler Bible songs and I definitely enjoyed singing it with all of them several times this week. By the end of the week, they were coming up to me to happily announce, "Grandma, Grandma, listen.  Love is patient…Love is kind…..Love never FAILS!" It is such a precious joy that blesses this grannny nanny so much to see grandkids so excited to be learning their Bible memory verses and having such fun together in the process.

Enjoy this fun word search puzzle to help us learn the words along with some of their positive opposites:

word search love is 6 18 10

Here's another song about God's love from the Donut Man. Rob Evans, "the Donut Man," was a favorite of my kids first (we got to enjoy seeing him sing live!), and later my grandkids, with fun CDs and videos of Bible songs for children. This particular one, The Golden Rule, is a great one to encourage us all as we help our grandkids memorize and learn "the Biblical definition of love." (If you'd like your own copy, you can just click to easily order the mp3 download of The Golden Rule , or the whole CD, "Bible Songs Volume 2 by The Donut Man," from Amazon.)

Bible songs volume 2 by Rob Evans the Donut Man and the Donut Man Repair Club

In the meantime, here it is to bless you and your little ones, along with me and my little ones.


Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: Love is...

Isn't being a Sandwich Generation granny nanny and pappy FUN – for an eternity! 🙂

P.S. Don't forget, Father's Day is this weekend. While you have the grandkids gathered round, now's the perfect time to take a couple of photos (can you tell I am LOVING my Canon Powershot a1100is which is both silver and SO easy to use!). After that, . You'll then have a terrific treat for all the special dads and grandpas in your lives! Smilebox ecards are fun, perfect for ANY day, and can be FREE if you don't mind their ads. As you can probably guess, I LOVE them. 🙂 

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  1. Singing “Love” Bible Songs are Fun Activities for Grandparents and Their Grand-Children! via …

    • Kristen
    • June 24, 2010

    Need some more tools to help your kiddos learn #bible verses? @SandwichINK has some great links and a wordsearch too!

    • Kristen
    • June 24, 2010

    I just found your link lol. You might have been a day late but I’m…well…slow. 😉

    I think you have found some awesome ways to teach the kiddos things that will help them not only as children but “in the real world” as well. Lessons that are fun to learn and have true meaning behind them are usually the ones that stick for life! I think I’m going to see if I can print off your wordsearch and check out the links as well.

    Oh yes–and where have I been? I’ve never heard of Smilebox?!?!

    • Kristen
    • June 24, 2010

    Need some more tools to help your kiddos learn #bible verses? @SandwichINK has some great links and a wordsearch too!

    • handshouseheart
    • June 24, 2010

    Need some more tools to help your kiddos learn #bible verses? @SandwichINK has some great links and a wordsearch too!

  2. Hi, Kristen, Thank you so much 🙂 🙂 🙂

    And re: Smilebox – it is AWESOME. It’s easy, quick, and free if you don’t mind the ads. If you don’t want the ads, it’s only 2.99 or 3.99 per card. Or, if you do a lot, like I’ve been doing, it’s about $30 for unlimited useage all year. It’s WONDERFUL. It’s great for family, friends, websites, and fun. 🙂

  3. Boogying down to Bible songs with the kids & grandkids? @SandwichINK has some great suggestions to keep summer lively!

    • Melinda
    • June 25, 2010

    My kids LOVED these kinds of Bible songs. Some of my best memories are watching them sing and dance to those songs and videos! Sorry I’m just now getting to you to comment and tweet. I know Tweet Me Tuesday is long gone, but my week has been nutso! Remodeling projects. Need I say more? ;0)

    Tweeting this out now!

  4. Hi Melinda, I SOOOO know what you mean. Just seems like life is getting busier and busier and BUSIER! 🙂 Thanks for popping by! 😉

    • Julie Leischner
    • June 28, 2010

    I have to check out these links! You guys know your stuff! I hadn’t heard of the Smilebox thing either, so have to check that out. Reading in as part of last week’s TMT! And I don’t have remedling as an excuse!

  5. Hi Julie, Thank you 🙂 Smilebox is, indeed, awesome! Makes me look way better at this than I am 🙂 🙂 🙂

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