Sick Day Sunday School Sing-a-long for Grandkids

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My east coast grandkids are getting over a round of the flu coupled with colds so today was another non-church day for them. Their folks and I did the round robin with them. They went to early service while I babysat. Then it was my turn for late service – and a VERY good service it was. If you didn’t make it to church and would like notes, write me and I’ll type them up and send them to you. It was so encouraging!

I wanted to do a Sunday School with the grandkids but wound up not sleeping much last night so opted for a singing Sunday School instead. After I finished all my old favorites and they were busily playing with their toys, I started thinking, “I need some new songs to add to my repertoire!” So off I went on a hunt for new songs and I I found some good ones, right in my own bookshelves.

In one bookcase I found a book I’d picked up for a song at a yard sale. “100 Action Songs for Toddlers” by David C. Cook Publishing isn’t available straight from Amazon, but you can order it from them via a second party either used or new. It’s part of an older series that I really like. This particular book has 100 songs with actions and they are all set to familiar nursery rhyme tunes. It’s great for at home, but also for a school or Sunday School. One example from the book is:

Who is Jesus – set to the tune of Are You Sleeping?

“Who is Jesus? Who is Jesus?

Shrug shoulders

He’s God’s Son. He’s God’s Son.

Point up

Jesus is my Savior! Jesus is my Savior!

Clap hands

He loves me! I love Him!

Hug self”

It’s small enough to tuck into my purse and the hand motions will help hold their attention.

In a second bookcase I found a book I bought at the Christian bookstore and love. It’s part of a two book series and I really want to buy the second one as well. This one is “Pray & Play Bible” by Group Publishers. The writers have taken several Bible stories, retold them in a simple yet interesting manner with large and bright pictures. After each story there are simple songs, crafts, snack ideas, and prayers to go with the story. One example is from the story of Abraham and Sarah:

Trust the Lord also sung to the tune of Are You Sleeping (Honest, I didn’t do that on purpose 🙂 )

“Trust the Lord, trust the Lord

Every day, every way.

Turn to Him and pray.

Trust Him and obey.

Every day, every way.

Along with that song are several others, as well as a game to teach our grandkids how God keeps His promises, a science experiment to look at the starry sky, a footprint project, making a praise altar and several other fun ideas.

Both of these books would make excellent additions to your library or your grandchildrens’ libraries, as well as to your church or school libraries. Even more important, the Scripture truths you will instill into their hearts by singing these songs will grow wonderful fruit in their hearts.

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    • March 16, 2009

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